Toy Cheburashka became the cause of sewage blockage in St. Petersburg


Toy Cheburashka clogged the sewer in the Central District of St. Petersburg. This was reported on February 17 at the State Unitary Enterprise Vodokanal of St. Petersburg.

The hero of children’s books was fished out of the city sewer during preventive washing of sewerage networks. The organization noted that for the first time they encountered such a find. Cheburashka is planned to be washed and shown as part of a collection of other found items.

“It was decided to wash the poor fellow and place him in the “Our sailors” exposition at the South-Western sewage treatment plant, which contains the most unexpected items that workers catch in sewer networks or find on grates of pumping stations in St. Petersburg,” the Telegram message says.

The municipal service warned that even small debris can lead to undesirable consequences and damage the city’s drainage system, including flooding basements and adjacent territories, sewage flowing into the city streets and the appearance of unpleasant odors.

Earlier, on January 19, it became known that Russians could be legally prohibited from throwing household and food waste into the sewer, and sanctions could be applied to violators.


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