Rent one-room apartments in the Russian Federation rose in price by 26%


In Russia, one-room apartments are most often rented for a long time, and the cost for them has increased by 26% over the year. Analysts of Avito Nedvizhimost reported this to Izvestia.

According to experts, in 53.4% ​​of cases tenants rent one-room apartments. Next in popularity are two-room apartments (29.4%), studios (10.7%) and three-room apartments (6%).

Compared to 2021, rental prices for four-room apartments (60%) and three-room apartments (48.1%) increased the most. One-room and two-room apartments have risen in price by about a quarter (26% and 25% respectively). On average in Russia, an apartment can be rented for 23,000 rubles, analysts said.

The company also noted that at the same time, “odnushki” did not fall in price in any city in a year, but only increased in price. And most of all in a year the prices went up in Voronezh (30%), Stavropol (30%), Irkutsk (29%) and Krasnodar (28.6%).

Two-room apartments for the year fell in price only in Sevastopol by 0.3%, and rose in price in Krasnodar (38.9%), Rostov-on-Don (38.9%), Stavropol (30.8%) and Bryansk (30%) , experts said.

Analysts also specified that during the year the demand for studios and apartments with four or more rooms grew the most. For example, in Tomsk, Novosibirsk and Voronezh, the demand for apartments with four or more rooms increased by 54.3–82.2%. And in Ufa, Yekaterinburg and Rostov-on-Don, the demand for studios grew by 50-68.4%.

Earlier, on January 24, experts from the federal company “Etazhi” said that Chelyabinsk occupied the first place in the rating of Russian megacities with the most affordable average cost of renting one-room apartments. In this city, the average cost of renting such real estate in January 2023 amounted to 14.6 thousand rubles. In second place is Volgograd, where the average rental rate for one-room flats is 15.8 thousand rubles. On the third – Omsk with an average rate of 16.1 thousand rubles.


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