How to transport a dog or cat on an airplane


February 17, 2023, 20:42 – BLiTZ – News

The number of animals traveling with their owner is growing every year. If you decide to take a dog or cat with you on a trip, then you need special, competent preparation – a guarantee of the safety of a four-legged friend. The public news service figured out how to transport a dog or cat on a plane.

Carrier selection

It’s best to start by choosing a pet carrier that you will take with you on a trip. The animal must stand up freely, without resting its head against the ceiling, and lie without restrictions, stretching its paws.

The sum of the three dimensions (height + width + length) of the carrier/container varies from 100 to 135 cm. Pick up a flat, solid bottom. Cover it with a damp cloth. Additionally, take a few of these diapers with you.

It is allowed to use both soft and hard carrying containers. The carrier must have ventilation grilles and a reliable locking device. The container is placed under the chair in front. However, some airlines allow you to buy a neighboring seat and place a hard container with an animal on the seat next to the owner.

If the carrier is installed at the feet, it is fixed with an additional belt to the passenger’s seat belt (the additional belt is provided by the flight attendant). In advance, before boarding, install a drinker in the carrier so that your four-legged friend can drink during the flight. Feeding an animal during the flight is prohibited.

Usually a pet is placed in the salon no more than 8 kg of weight. However, some airlines allow pets up to 23 kg in the cabin.

Important: It is strictly forbidden to take the animal out of the container/carrier during the flight in the cabin and in the lavatory.

Passengers with pets are provided with seats at the window or a seat in the middle row and are not provided with seats at emergency exits.

The number of animals that one passenger can carry without the consent of the airline

Documents required when flying by plane in Russia

Transportation of a pet on an airplane requires the execution of the necessary documents.

The presence of a veterinary passport with a mark on vaccinations and treatment against worms, for a period of less than 1 year. The name of the owner must be indicated in the veterinary passport. Certificate from the state veterinary clinic on clinical examination not earlier than 14 days. In the absence of a veterinary passport, a veterinary certificate or a certificate issued by a licensed specialist of the state veterinary institution, with a note confirming the health of the animal, may be submitted no earlier than 14 days. Pay for a place for the animal. When traveling with an animal on domestic flights, passing through veterinary control at the airport is not required if you are transporting an animal for personal purposes. For the import of animals to other countries, microchipping is required. When traveling abroad, it is necessary to pass a veterinary examination at the airport before the flight.

How to prepare an animal for flight

To fly in the luggage compartment, accustom the animal in advance. Put a mat and your favorite toys in the carrier, prepare it as a resting place. For 2-3 weeks, walk with the animal in a carrier.

The use of sedatives must be agreed with the veterinarian. They have a cumulative effect, so you need to use the drugs a few days before departure.

Do not feed your pet 4-8 hours before the flight and limit water for 1-2 hours. Walk the animal well before boarding.


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