Cavalari before the fight with Romankevich declared his love for the taste of blood


Brazilian kickboxer Saulo Cavalari said on February 17 before the fight with Belarusian Piotr Romankevich that he likes the taste of blood.

“I really like the taste of blood when I step into the octagon. It gives me a feeling of heat,” he said.

Cavalari also stated that he “did not come to die” and was determined only to win.

Earlier, on February 15, Romankevich said that a bloody battle awaited him and Cavalari. He noted that his opponent is trying not to show excitement before the fight. The fighter added that he would certainly be happy if he managed to defeat the Brazilian ahead of schedule, but a victory on points would also suit him.

The fight between the Belarusian and the Brazilian will be the main fight of the evening within the REN TV Fight Club, which will be held on February 17 in Minsk. Four fights will be held this evening, which will be fought according to the rules of kickboxing.

The REN TV channel will broadcast the tournament live, which will begin on February 17 at 23:00 Moscow time. Undercard broadcasts will be available in public REN TV “VK Video”.


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