Users complained about the restrictions in the work of the new Bing search engine


The new version of the Bing search engine, based on the ChatGPT neural network technology, works with limitations even for those users to whom Microsoft has provided test access to use it.

The Izvestia correspondent was among the “testers” a week after the announcement of the new product and found out that it works exclusively through Edge. In all other browsers, the current, regular version of the search engine functions.

“Browser restrictions are most likely related to Edge promotion tasks. The company is doing its best to regain its once dominant position in the browser niche,” said Grigory Revenko, director of the R-Vision expertise center.

Microsoft is building its own ecosystem and is ready to promote it by all available means, Igor Bederov, head of the information and analytical research department at T.Hunter, believes.

“Microsoft has invested about $10 billion in the ChatGPT developer, on which the new Bing search is based, about $10 billion. The company wants to recoup the investment, and therefore it is important for it that people use its solutions exclusively when using the new product,” explained Telecom Daily CEO Denis Kuskov.

According to him, even when the corporation opens access to the search engine to everyone, people will be able to use all its features exclusively in Microsoft browsers.

Read more in the exclusive Izvestia article:

AI like there: why the new Bing search engine works with restrictions


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