Rescued from the rubble after the earthquake in Turkey told how he fed his son with saliva


February 16, 2023, 00:33 – BLiTZ – News Rescued from the Turkish ruins under which he spent nine days due to a natural disaster, Muharrem Polat shared information about what he went to to save the life of his child, who was trapped with him.

Polat and his wife were found under rubble in the city of Kahramanmarash. He reported that the family was locked in the absence of food under the rubble of the building in which they lived. The survivor reported that he tried to eat Vaseline as a food product, and his wife stopped giving milk, which led him to attempt to feed a 6-month-old boy with saliva.

“On the fifth day under the rubble, Muhammet Alparslan (son. – Ed.) could not stand it, I checked his pulse, listened to his heart and realized that he had died in the morning,” the Anadolu news agency quotes the text of his statement.

From the information he provided, it became clear that at some point water began to flow through the pile of rubble, which allowed him to realize that it was possible to get out of the trap.

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Recall, Doctor of Technical Sciences Yuri Vinogradov made a statement that, in accordance with the data of various experts, disasters similar to the earthquakes that occurred in Turkey are not expected in the near future.

He also noted that the country’s authorities decided to introduce tough nomes aimed at creating Mediterranean tourist resorts, which are located not on the plate itself, but on its border. Read more about this in the material of the BLiTZ.


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