Putin supported the proposal of the Ministry of Digital Transformation to create a digital passport on smartphones


Russian President Vladimir Putin, at a meeting with the government, supported the Ministry of Digital Development’s proposal to introduce a digital identity card on a smartphone instead of a paper document.

During the meeting, Maksut Shadayev, head of the Ministry of Digital Development, spoke about the development of digital services. According to him, they allow you to get a driver’s license, compulsory medical insurance policies and fan cards in electronic form, the website writes. kp.ru. In addition, the department is developing a technology that will allow in some cases to use a smartphone instead of a passport, writes RT.

He explained that with the help of this technology, a photo from a biometric passport is loaded onto a smartphone. A QR code appears there, which can be checked through the public services website to find out the age or last name of the owner.

“In our understanding, in 80% of cases, you can use a smartphone instead of the original passport,” Shadayev is quoted by the TV channel. “360”.

According to the minister, the technology was checked by the FSB and recognized as safe and secure.

In this regard, Shadayev appealed to the President with a request to instruct him to develop a decree regulating and legalizing this initiative by May 1, writes NSN.

“These services are in high demand, and we just need to accelerate their implementation. Please prepare this project,” Putin said.

As noted REGNUMShadayev previously said that a smartphone can replace a number of documents for Russian residents in everyday matters, including when buying alcohol.

Earlier, on January 9, the press service of the Ministry of Digital Development announced that it was possible to issue an electronic compulsory medical insurance policy (OMI) at the State Services. You no longer need to carry a plastic or paper version with you. As clarified in the Ministry of Digital Transformation, in order to receive a policy, you only need a confirmed account on the State Services.

On February 7, the Fan Card mobile application was launched. With its help, fans will be able to save their ticket for the match and use it to enter the stadium even without Internet access. You can download the beta version of the application in the RuStore, Google Play, AppStore, AppGallery app stores, notes “Moscow 24”.

As reminds “Federal News Agency”, the transition to digital driver’s documents has already been going on in Russia since 2016. Then the first OSAGO policies in electronic form appeared in the country. Digital rights are going to equate to the usual from March 1 this year.

On January 13, it was reported that the electronic version of the driver’s license became available to Russian car owners, which can be found in the Auto State Services application. It will be possible to present documents even without access to the Web, writes life.ru.


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