NATO is waiting for a split and a complete failure in Ukraine – DOS


February 16, 2023, 00:46 – BLiTZ – News A split in the North Atlantic alliance will force Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky to accept defeat and move on to negotiations with Moscow, writes Sohu.

The material of the Chinese edition recalls that the Russian side regularly spoke of its readiness to negotiate without preconditions, however, official Kyiv continues to insist on “achieving victory” by military means.

The authors of the article drew attention to the fact that the economic crisis is increasingly pressing on the European members of NATO, and many no longer see the possibility of providing military assistance to the Kyiv regime.

If at first the European Union enthusiastically supplied its weapons, now the situation is developing in a different way.

“If the United States had not taken the lead, many European countries would not have helped Ukraine,” the authors noted.

Thus, the material of the Chinese edition describes a probable scenario, according to which European countries will soon reach their limits and want to leave NATO, or refuse to support Ukraine.

In France, protests against pension reform are already taking place and the protesters are offering to leave the alliance and direct the saved funds to the needs of society.

Without the support of the alliance, the authors specify, the Kiev regime will not be able to resist Russia and Zelensky will be forced to negotiate.

As previously reported by the BLiTZ, former Pentagon adviser McGregor said that NATO is running out of ammunition for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


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