Doctor Paukova warned about the risks of using in-ear headphones


February 16, 2023, 08:43 – BLiTZ – News Candidate of Medical Sciences, audiologist, otorhinolaryngologist of GUTA CLINIC Marina Paukova warned that the use of in-ear headphones can cause the formation of cerumen in the ears and lead to severe inflammation. About it writes “Gazeta.Ru”.

“Installation of a foreign body in the ear canal, which is exactly what happens when we use an earpiece – it pushes the wax from the outer ear canal into the deeper part. This is fraught with consequences, ”Paukova specified.

She explained that in the ear canal there is a movable cartilaginous part and a fixed part. In the mobile cartilage part there are villi that push the sulfur outward. If sulfuric masses get into the bone immovable part, then the ear itself cannot be cleansed.

“If you use headphones for a long time when changing pressure, for example, during a flight, barotrauma may occur, since the eardrum is not mobile during a pressure drop,” the doctor added.

According to her, if the earpiece is in the ear for a long time in a humid climate, then the risk of plugging increases. “Prolonged use of in-the-ear headphones can lead to severe inflammation, eardrum injuries, hearing impairment, pressure sores on the ear wall and dizziness,” concluded Marina Paukova.

Earlier, the WHO said that more than a billion people are at risk of hearing loss due to headphones. Read more in the BLiTZ article.


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