Russian diplomats promised not to let the United States “roll up” the situation with the joint venture


Russia will not allow the situation with the explosion of the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines to be wrapped up. This was announced on February 16 by the press secretary of the Russian Embassy in Washington, Igor Girenko.

“The Russian side will not allow the situation with the undermining of critical energy infrastructure to be “rolled up”. Especially given the fact that nothing is known about the few unexploded charges that apparently remained on the seabed, ”the press service of the diplomatic mission quoted him as saying in Telegram.

He also noted that the investigation by journalist Seymour Hersh about the Nord Stream explosions is completely ignored by the US authorities with the tacit consent of the American media.

Girenko stressed that Moscow qualifies this sabotage as an act of international terrorism, which requires a comprehensive and independent investigation.

The day before, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, during his speech in the State Duma, said that Western countries were lying to the Russian side about the terrorist attacks on the Nord Stream. He noted that Western leaders lied about the Minsk agreements to give Kyiv time to build up its military potential, and similarly hides the truth about sabotage on Russian gas pipelines.

On the same day, Russia requested a meeting of the UN Security Council in connection with new information regarding the blowing up of the Nord Stream gas pipelines. The draft appeal to the Security Council was submitted to the State Duma of the Russian Federation on February 14 by the Committee on International Affairs.

The authors of the project referred to the results of an investigation published on February 8 by the American journalist Hersh and noted that the United States was involved in the blowing up of the pipelines.

On February 8, Hersh published an investigation in which he indicated that the explosives under the gas pipelines were planted by American divers, hiding behind NATO exercises, and the Norwegians activated them. He also noted that the White House intended to force Germany to provide military and financial support to Ukraine.

On the day the investigation was released, the Pentagon denied US involvement in blowing up gas pipelines.

Leaks at Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 were discovered on September 26, 2022. The next day, the Swedish security service confirmed the explosions in the area of ​​the pipelines. Traces of explosives were found at the crash site.


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