“A lot of pain and aggression” – clairvoyant about Barbara Brylska – News


February 16, 2023, 17:33 – BLiTZ – News It is no secret that Russian and foreign stars often speak about the special operation and the situation in the world as a whole. Someone loses their fans because of their opinion, someone, on the contrary, gets a whole army of fans and becomes more respected.

But the stars who betray their country are more noticeable than others. There are a lot of those who were once associated with a great country and are suddenly hayat and sling mud, but listening to their statements is unpleasant and sometimes very insulting. Not so long ago, the actress from the popular Soviet comedy The Irony of Fate or Enjoy Your Bath, Barbara Brylska, made a shocking statement About Russia.

According to her, people in cities beyond Moscow and St. Petersburg live in poverty. She also previously advised her colleague Leah Akhedzhakova to leave the country.

What will happen to the stars who play games against Russia, the clairvoyant Saona told the correspondent of the BLiTZ.

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According to her, the stars who speak out against Russia today will be ruined.

“Those artists who “left” Russia will not return here again”

“In their thoughts there are only selfish goals that fill their heads and force them to make such decisions. Those artists who “left” Russia will not return here again and we are not talking about fans who will accept or not accept, we are not talking about people, we are talking about the land, Russia, like the land, will not let them in, there will be no possibility of earning and there will be no all-encompassing love of the people, ”she pointed out.

Having made a alignment, Saona saw a lot of pain in Brylskaya and assures that there is a lot of pain, hatred and aggression in her. That is why what she now remembers goes through suffering and pain.

“Many are afraid and feel that they have lost this Earth,” says the clairvoyant Saona.

Earlier, Saona announced the date of completion of the special operation of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine.


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