The Russian Defense Ministry reported a disorderly retreat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – News


February 15, 2023, 05:40 – BLiTZ – News As part of the offensive maneuvers of the Army of the Russian Federation on the territory of the Lugansk People’s Republic, the militants of the Kyiv regime fled from their own fortifications, abandoning their weapons and their dead comrades. Information about this is being disseminated by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

“Ukrainian troops randomly retreated to a distance of up to 3 kilometers from the previously occupied lines,” reads the text of a publication distributed in the official Telegram channel of the defense department of the Russian Federation. Special attention is drawn to the fact that the Russian soldiers successfully destroyed additional enemy defenses.

The militants left the corpses of their comrades-in-arms when they escaped from the dugouts. As part of their retreat, they attempted to set explosive traps, but this could not stop the Russian Army motorized rifle units from capturing the fortifications, which allowed the attack to develop.

Recall that a citizen of the Russian Federation who voluntarily went to the NMD zone shared information that the militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were pulling armored vehicles and infantry formations to the Artyomovsky section of the contact line.

From the point of view presented by him in the framework of communication with the media, it follows that the enemy takes maximum actions in order not to allow the settlement to be encircled. For the sake of this goal, the Kiev regime is concentrating the remaining reserves in the Artemovsk region. Read more about this in the material of the BLiTZ.


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