Sobyanin spoke about the work of rescuers on the reservoirs of Moscow in winter


Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin spoke about the work of rescuers on the capital’s reservoirs in the winter. On Tuesday, February 14, it was reported on site metropolitan city hall.

According to the official, over 20 rescue hovercraft are on duty on Moscow water bodies for the safety of residents in winter.

Such vessels can move on ice, water and wetlands. In addition, they can overcome broken ice and bumps at an average speed of up to 80 km/h. NSN.

In addition, Sobyanin spoke about the Sever-650K boat, which can reach speeds of up to 140 km/h. The mayor noted that meetings with residents and schoolchildren are held to prevent accidents.

The Moscow service currently has 25 search and rescue stations, where more than 500 people work, writes “Moscow 24”.

Unmanned aerial vehicles also help. Last year, more than 400 flights were made to detect violations of water safety rules, the city news agency notes. “Moscow”.

On February 10, rescuers of the Moscow Regional Fire and Rescue Service warned residents of settlements near which there are water bodies about the danger of going out onto the ice. In addition, parents were reminded of the inadmissibility of leaving children unattended near rivers and lakes. “360”.

In January, rescuers recovered a car that had fallen through the ice in the Moscow region. The incident occurred in Lukhovitsy on a section of the road flooded due to the flood of the Oka River. A 66-year-old man asked for help. He went to the hunting grounds near Slemsky Borki and hoped that the ice on the track would support his small car, but the ice surface was fragile, as a result of which the car, along with the driver, ended up in the water.


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