Poland proposes to create NATO armories on the eastern flank of the alliance


Poland is in favor of creating warehouses with NATO weapons on the eastern flank of the alliance. This was stated by the President of the Republic on Wednesday, February 15, after a meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in Brussels.

“We would like to see as many Alliance weapon depots as possible set up on NATO’s eastern flank. So that, in the event of any attack, weapons are at the disposal of the allied forces that are in this territory or who will arrive in this territory, ”said Duda, whose speech was shown on the air Polish Television.

According to Duda, if the NATO infrastructure is in place, then, if necessary, the arrival and deployment of the alliance’s forces is possible as soon as possible. “Gazeta.Ru”.

Military cooperation between Poland and other countries of the alliance, especially with the United States, is constantly intensifying.

So, on February 14, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense of Poland Mariusz Blaszczak said that Poland had joined the NATO project to create common depots with the alliance’s weapons. According to him, the republic has already participated in similar projects and is interested in creating such warehouses on its territory.

Prior to this, in January, Blaszczak announced that Poland would receive the first copies of American Abrams tanks, purchased from the United States in the spring of this year. It is planned to place the received equipment in the east of the country, he noted.

Earlier, on December 5, 2022, Polish media reported about the arrival of about 700 American military vehicles at the port of Gdynia. It was reported that they would be stationed at Polish military bases and would remain there for the next nine months.

In early November, it was reported that NATO PUMA-22 military exercises started in the Polish city of Nova Demba, involving about 2 thousand military personnel and 300 pieces of equipment from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Great Britain and the United States. The goals of military measures were called the improvement of the joint work of the troops and the verification of the organization of tactical events.


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