Kostomarov’s condition has slightly stabilized after a night of deterioration


The condition of the figure skater Roman Kostomarov managed to stabilize a little after a sharp night deterioration that occurred on the night of February 15.

According to the Izvestia source, the Olympic champion has some minor improvements. Doctors suggest that the decline was the body’s response to stress.

On the night of February 15, it was reported that Kostomarov became worse after the amputation. He cannot breathe on his own. Until the morning of February 15, he had to stay under sedation. Doctors feared for the skater’s left lung due to fibrosis.

Kostomarov was hospitalized on January 10. Before that, he complained of weakness and pain in his chest. Later, the skater was transferred to intensive care. He was diagnosed with sepsis and left-sided pneumonia, which, according to some reports, progressed to bilateral. The athlete was connected to a ventilator. In addition, he underwent an ECMO procedure.

The mother of figure skater Valentina Kostomarov told Izvestia on January 13 that, according to doctors’ forecasts, the process of restoring her son’s health could take a long time. According to her, it all started after Roman participated in ice shows on New Year’s holidays.

On February 7, the skater was amputated with a foot on one leg to remove tissue necrosis that developed against the background of the inflammatory process. Later, there were reports that the athlete had to amputate the second foot.

In an interview with Izvestia on February 10, Lev Averbakh, chief physician of the St. Petersburg private ambulance Koris, explained why amputation was necessary in Kostomarov’s case. According to the expert, gangrene can develop independently on different limbs, besides, this is a fleeting process, and if you do not get rid of the affected areas in time, you can lose a patient.

On February 14, it was reported that Kostomarov underwent a second operation – both hands were amputated. According to Izvestia, doctors removed the athlete’s necrosis.

On that day, Averbakh said in an interview with Izvestia that, even despite the amputation of Kostomarov’s hands, sepsis could develop further. According to the specialist, an athlete may have multiple organ failure, in which many organs of the system fail and a global failure occurs in the body. At the same time, the forecast for the future state of the skater is “very incomprehensible.”

Kostomarov is the winner of the 2006 Turin Olympics in a duet with Tatyana Navka. The couple twice became world champions, three times – European champions and winners of the Grand Prix series final.

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