The head of the French Ministry of Defense condemned the image of the French military in the new Marvel film


French Defense Minister Sebastian Lecornu condemned the portrayal of the French military in the new Marvel film Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. He announced this on February 12.

“I strongly condemn this misleading and false portrayal of our armed forces,” he tweeted.

The picture shows armed mercenaries who are dressed as soldiers of the French army and behave in a negative way. Their military uniforms are similar to those worn by French soldiers during Operation Barkhane in Mali.

“I pay tribute to the 58 French soldiers who died defending Mali at her request from Islamist terrorist groups,” Lecornu added.

Earlier, on November 9, French President Emmanuel Macron announced the completion of the anti-terrorist operation “Dune” carried out in the countries of the “Sahel Five”, which includes Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Mali, Niger and Chad.

On May 2, the government of Mali announced the rupture of a bilateral agreement with France in the defense sphere due to the violation of the country’s national sovereignty by Paris.

The African region of the Sahel is one of the most problematic on the continent due to terrorist activities and illegal migration. In 2014, France launched Operation Barkhan in the region, which also involved the military of Great Britain, Estonia and other countries.

The official purpose of the stay of the French military contingent in the country was to help the local armed forces in the fight against Islamist formations, in particular the Salafi Preaching and Fighting Group (GSPC), associated with the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization (banned in the Russian Federation).


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