In Karelia, a schoolgirl beat her peer with her feet on the head


A video appeared on the Web in which a group of 15-year-old teenage girls severely beat a peer. The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Republic of Karelia reported that the incident occurred in the Segezha region on February 6.

In the footage, a schoolgirl kicks another in the face with all her might, while none of the others present tries to stop her. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the lawful representatives of the beaten girl applied to the police department for the Segezha district with a statement asking them to look into the situation. At the moment, an investigation into the fact of the beating is being carried out, and the conclusion of a forensic medical examination is also expected, on the basis of which a procedural decision will be made. The condition of the beaten girl is not yet reported. The exact age of the schoolgirls is also unknown.

Marina Guseva, head of the administration of the Segezha municipal district, commented on the situation on a page on the social network on February 13. According to her, the situation was put under control in law enforcement agencies, in the Ministry of Education and Sports of Karelia, as well as in the district schools.

“The incident is outrageous. The administration, together with the heads of educational institutions and the parents of the children, is doing all the necessary work, which should be carried out in such cases, ” wrote Gusev on VKontakte.

On January 26, it was reported that the Investigative Committee began an investigation into the beating of a schoolgirl in Nizhny Tagil. Law enforcement agencies received information about the beating of a girl by another student on January 25. An examination is carried out to determine the severity of the damage.


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