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February 13, 2023, 20:47 – BLiTZ – News After preparing the scrambled eggs, do not rush to throw away the eggshell, as it can be very useful during the summer season and contribute to a rich harvest. The BLiTZ found out how eggshells can be used for plants.

The composition of the eggshell contains a large amount of calcium carbonate, which activates the growth of the root system, ensures the proper functioning of plant cells, promotes healthy growth and development of seedlings. The shell is used as an environmentally friendly and effective fertilizer, to deoxidize and increase the friability of the soil, and for other purposes in the garden.


As a top dressing, eggshells can be used in the following forms:

The crushed shells of 5-6 eggs are poured with boiling water and infused for 5 days, sometimes stirring. The finished solution will become cloudy, now they can be watered with a weak plant or used to improve soil structure.

For cooking, the shell is infused in water for 1-2 weeks. When the mixture begins to exude the smell of hydrogen sulfide, it can be used as a fertilizer, after diluting it with water. Usually the composition is prepared at the rate of 5-10 shells per 1 liter of water.

Egg powder is great for reducing soil acidity. You can prepare it with a blender, coffee grinder or mortar. About 90-100 shells will be required per square meter.

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Pest protection

Eggshell is an effective natural insect and rodent repellent. Plants treated with this substance are protected from mole crickets, slugs, snails, moles and mice.

To protect against pests, egg powder is scattered in places where they accumulate; to scare away rodents, large shells are laid out on the site – their sharp edges will prevent the spread of moles and shrews.

Like drainage

Eggshells can be good drainage for a houseplant. For example, you can put shells from broken raw eggs into each other, while the remains of the protein will stick the halves together. Several of these blanks are stacked on the bottom of the container with a chipped down. Next, the soil is poured.

Also, when organizing a drainage system, the shell can be kneaded in the hands and supplemented with sand and pebbles. Then you get a very useful mixture, which simultaneously passes water and enriches the plant with useful substances.

seedling container

A slightly damaged eggshell can be used as a miniature container for growing seedlings. Large eggs are suitable for this. In the lower part of the shell, you need to make drainage holes, cover it with a substrate and sow the seed. In the process of transplanting the shoot to the site, it is not necessary to get a sprout from an impromptu pot – you can plant it directly in the shell, and then it will serve as an effective nutritional supplement. Photo:


Experienced summer residents give some more tips on using eggshells during the summer season:

Try to use raw egg shells. The boiled shell somewhat loses its useful qualities for plants. According to poultry farmers, brown shells contain more calcium than white shells. When preparing the shell for storage, clean it of protein residues so that the product does not emit an unpleasant odor during storage. To prepare the powder, it is better to use quail or chicken eggs, since, for example, goose and turkey eggs have a thicker shell, so it will take much more time and effort to process it. The shell is able to retain its beneficial properties for one year. Therefore, you can start saving it from the end of the previous season.


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