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February 13, 2023, 20:31 – BLiTZ – News NATO considers it necessary to create an even stronger army in Ukraine after any end to the current conflict. This was stated by the Secretary General of the organization Jens Stoltenberg.

The correspondent of the BLiTZ turned to the military observer of Komsomolskaya Pravda, Viktor Barants, to find out whether the North Atlantic Alliance would deploy its military bases in Ukraine if it manages to maintain its statehood as a result of the special operation.

“What will we do in response? Let’s say we beat them!”

“If NATO pumps up the Armed Forces of Ukraine with its weapons, armored vehicles, aircraft, then it cannot be ruled out that at some point Zelensky will sign an agreement with the same Stoltenberg on the deployment of alliance military bases in the country,” the expert said. What will we do in response? Let’s say we beat them! In NATO they will say: “But figs to you! Then we will beat you!”

According to a military analyst, such an “exchange of courtesies” can take the special operation to a “qualitatively different level.”

“This will already be a direct military clash between Russia and NATO!”

“This will already be a direct military clash between Russia and NATO! – said the interlocutor of the News. “And I do not rule out that in order to prevent the Russian Federation from winning the NMD, in order to spoil us even more, the leadership of the alliance will now begin to push through the idea of ​​​​locating its military bases in Ukraine.”

Moreover, Baranets continued, some such bases were already on Ukrainian territory.

“We destroyed the first such base in Ochakovo”

“I wrote an entire article in which I calculated the total number of NATO military bases and facilities in Ukraine. There were nine in total. And this is before the start of the special operation! — said the expert. – We demolished the first such base in Ochakovo, where the regiment of fleet operational control and training of underwater saboteurs was being trained. Later they came to their senses – and we again smashed them!

The military analyst stressed that by all indications, the North Atlantic Alliance is already conducting military operations against Russia.

“The Greatest Hypocrisy!”

“Now Stoltenberg is wagging his back and saying that, they say, “we are not participants in the conflict in Ukraine,” the DOS interlocutor noted. – I beg your pardon, but whose then military advisers registered in the defense structures of Ukraine? And whose mercenaries serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine? Are American weapons present in the military equipment of the Ukrainian army? Present! So why the hell are you, Stoltenberg, saying that NATO is not a party to the conflict when everything points to just that? The greatest hypocrisy!”

Earlier, Vladimir Dzhabarov, First Deputy Chairman of the International Committee of the Federation Council, said that “the great event of February” would be the capitulation of Kyiv. So he responded to the statement of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba.


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