The Rada reported on the case against the deputy because of the map in the colors of the Hungarian flag


The office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine opened a case against the deputy of the regional council of the Transcarpathian region Yudita Peteya, who published on social networks a map of the country’s Transcarpathian region in the colors of the Hungarian flag, said the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Solomiya Bobrovskaya on Facebook (part of the Meta corporation, recognized in Russia as an extremist organization and banned) .

“We turned a blind eye to such things from the Russians for too long and we have an example of how it ended. We must learn our lessons, ”Bobrovskaya emphasized.

Politika strana writes that such a map appeared on Peteya’s Facebook in January. In the image, half of the map has been colored red-white-green. The publication indicates that the deputy is a member of the Party of Hungarians of Ukraine.

Peteya called the post fake, and accused another Transcarpathian deputy, Viktor Baloga, of spreading it. She called him “pro-Russian” with a “xenophobic and sexist” essence.

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry protested over Orban’s scarf with “great Hungary”

Transcarpathia until 1920 was part of Hungary. The country lost this territory following the results of the First World War, which Austria-Hungary lost.

Last November, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban appeared at a football match with a scarf depicting a map of “great Hungary”, which included Transcarpathia. After that, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry protested, but Orban urged not to see in this something “which is not there.”


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