The President of Hungary called the Russian economy one of the most decisive in the world


The Russian economy is one of the most decisive in the world space. Moscow maintains close economic ties with partners outside the West – this was announced on Saturday, February 11, by Hungarian President Katalin Novak.

According to her, Budapest’s priority is to maintain mutually beneficial trade relations with countries around the world, building a dialogue based on mutual respect. Relations between the state and Russia, according to Novak, were not marked by a close partnership. By analogy with its EU membership partners, Hungary has taken a course towards reducing dependence on Russian energy resources. In this regard, the head of state focused on the apparent weakness of the EU – the bloc’s dual dependence.

“The security of Europe is guaranteed by military support and the presence of the United States, and Russia, first of all, provides energy for economic and industrial growth,” the Hungarian leader shared in an interview with Portfolio.

As Novak concluded, Europe “needs to wake up”: strengthen the bloc’s defense capability, harmonize the economic interests of the EU member states, and also return to traditional family values.

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