The opposition demanded the resignation of the Prime Minister of Albania


Politics , Feb 11, 10:01 pm 0 The head of the opposition party of Albania demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Edi Rama Sali Berisha (Photo: Florion Goga / Reuters) Former Albanian President and former Prime Minister, head of the opposition Democratic Party of Albania, Sali Berisha, demanded that the current head of government, Edi Rama, resign. He stated this speaking to protesters in Tirana, transmits TVKlan.

In his speech, he called Edi Rama “Europe’s most corrupt prime minister” and the head of “Europe’s first and only drug state.”

“Today, Albania is seen as a country where the mafia and drug cartels launder money obtained from crime. Over the past two years, imports from Colombia have increased 60 times to turn this blessed land into a second Colombia for Europe,” — said Berisha.

He mentioned the corruption scandal associated with the former US FBI agent, the head of the New York department of the department, Charles McGonigal, who was accused in his homeland of illegally transferring classified data in exchange for thousands of dollars to the Albanian side.

Albanian PM finds words about espionage funny after Russians detained

How notes Pena, McGonigal was suspected of receiving $80,000 from a former Albanian intelligence agent in New York. According to the publication, he allegedly received funds during the period when he headed the New York department of the department. Later, he also cooperated with Albanian representatives, hiding his activities from the FBI. The American side suspected the ex-agent of collaborating personally with Rama.

Berisha accused the Albanian prime minister of worsening relations with the United States, which he called the country’s most important strategic partner. He stated that Rama ruined Albania’s image and “disgraced” the country with his act. He compared the incident to the Wargate scandal and addedthat the opposition plans to hold another protest on 13 February.

According to TV Klan, the protests in the capital of Albania continued about two hours, several thousand people took part in them, the police did not detain anyone.

Albania has been a NATO member since 2009, as is the United States.


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