Kudryashov predicted Haji Avtomatu an early victory over Rodriguez


Gadzhi “Avtomat” Navruzov will defeat Fernando Rodriguez ahead of schedule in the REN TV Fight Club match. On February 11, boxer Dmitry Kudryashov told Izvestia.

“In this fight, I will give preference to Gadzhi Automat. Here is kickboxing, Gadzhi’s element. He’s a Thai boxer and I think he’s on some sort of high right now. In the previous fight, Rodriguez lost by knockout to Vladimir Mineev, and I think that Gadzhi will also decide the outcome of this fight ahead of schedule, ”said Kudryashov.

Also, the victory of Navruzov is expected by the master of sports in boxing Pavel Shulsky. He believes that the Russian will beat the Brazilian through experience.

On February 7, Russian mixed style fighter Gleb Khabibullin also said that Navruzov has every chance to defeat Rodriguez. At the same time, Khabibullin recalled the loss of Navruzov in his last fight. According to the fighter, the Automaton had a problem with the functionality.

Russian MMA fighter Mikhail Ragozin also bets on Gadzhi’s victory. He said that Navruzov will emerge victorious in a duel against Brazilian kickboxer Fernando Rodriguez.

Gadzhi “Avtomat” Navruzov and Fernando Rodriguez will fight in the ring on February 17 at the opening of the 2023 season of the REN TV Fight Club in Minsk. Four fights will take place this evening, which will be fought according to the rules of kickboxing. One of the most anticipated events of the evening will be the fight between Piotr Romankevich and Saulo Cavalari.

The REN TV channel will broadcast the tournament live, which will begin on February 17 at 23:00 Moscow time. Underframe broadcasts will be available in public REN TV VK Video.


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