Political scientist Nechaev called Gusev’s decision to approve the power structure of the Voronezh government “sighting”


The governor of the Voronezh region Alexander Gusev on February 6 signed a decree that approves the structure of the executive power of the regional government. Political scientist Dmitry Nechaev commented on the recently published document to Voronezh News. According to him, the decree is of a “technological procedural nature,” and cardinal changes can be expected after the election of the head of the region.

  • I knew that such a document was being prepared. The decree is of a technological procedural nature, because there were no cardinal decisions on the structure of the government within the framework of this decree. Let’s see: here is the current decree, and before that the global decree was issued in October 2018, that is, when the elections were held, Gusev became governor and approved the structure. So, if then, in October, there were 19 departments, now there are 20 of them. As for the direction of activity, practically nothing has changed. Some departments have received the status of departments. For example, the Department of Education, Science and Youth Policy singled out youth policy as a separate link, because this is a requirement of the federal center. The direction of youth policy has become a department, it has a different curator. That is, this decree is purely technological and procedural in structure. I think that the appearance of this decree right now is due to the fact that, in a certain sense, this is a message. It is my assumption that it is addressed to many figures in the Gusev administration, who are part of the local political opposition, that other decisions may follow the procedural one. But these decisions and a new, radically changing structure will appear, I believe, immediately after the elections. In a way, it’s a reminder to keep everyone on their toes. I am sure that the structure of the government will change drastically after the elections, and there will be many personalities and there will be many new personalities. In this case, perhaps, this is a “sighting” decision and a certain message to our officials.

Recall that the decree regulated the names and number of departments, departments and representation of the regional government in federal structures. A total of 20 departments, 2 directorates and 2 inspections have been approved.


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