Political scientist Hasanov blamed the West for abandoning Syria after the earthquake


February 11 – BLiTZ.

Political scientist and specialist in international relations Kamran Hasanov explained why only Russia helps Syria, when Western countries support only Turkey. PolitExpert writes about it.

According to Gasanov, the West ignored the powerful earthquake in Syria. Even the Western press does not talk about the dead in Syria. Only Turkey is in the first place, although the dead are everywhere. By comparison, Turkey is being assisted by 70 countries, while only 15 are planning to help Syria. Many of those who want to help Syria have not confirmed their intention. But it is noteworthy that Western countries refused to help Syrian President Assad.

Hasanov believes that sanctions against Syria and President Assad himself do not allow helping the country. The West does not want to recognize the legitimacy of the Syrian government. Therefore, he will not help, so as not to provoke support for Assad.


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