Forecasters promised Muscovites a blizzard and light snow on February 12


Cloudy weather, light snow, blizzard in places, as well as from 5 degrees of frost expect the Moscow region on Sunday, February 12. The relevant information is published on the website of the Russian hydrometeorological center.

During the day in Moscow, the thermometers will display values ​​from -5 to -3 degrees, at night – from -9 to -7 degrees.

In the Moscow region, it is expected from 8 degrees of frost in the daytime and from 12 degrees below zero at night.

A northerly wind is forecast at a speed of 7–12 m/s and gusts up to 17 m/s in places.

Atmospheric pressure will be 747 mm Hg.

The day before, on February 11, a “yellow” level of weather danger was announced in Moscow and the region against the backdrop of snow and sleet. So, until the morning of the next day, heavy snow is expected in the region, a blizzard, wind intensification with gusts of up to 17 m / s, snow drifts, black ice on the roads.

Moscow Deputy Mayor Pyotr Biryukov also warned of worsening weather conditions, which, he said, would last until Monday, February 13. The growth of freshly fallen snow can be 8 cm.


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