An unidentified object shot down over Canada was discovered earlier over Alaska


An unidentified object shot down over Canada on February 11 was seen even earlier – on the eve of February 10, over the airspace of Alaska. This was announced on Saturday in the press service of the Pentagon.

As indicated in the US defense department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation will work together with the Canadian relevant authorities to clarify the circumstances of the incident.

An unidentified object was seen flying over Canada earlier in the day on February 11th. The details and origin of the apparatus are established.

The armed forces of Canada and the United States shot down an aerial target over the Yukon Territory in the northwest of the country. The soldiers removed the wreckage of the device for further study.

Meanwhile, netizens have circulated footage showing two unidentified objects in the sky. It is assumed that they flew over North America, but the exact location of the shooting is not specified.

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