A bus with Russians drove into Chinese Hunchun for the first time in three years on February 11, 2023


February 11 – BLiTZ. For the first time in three years, a bus with Russian citizens was able to enter China through the Hunchun automobile checkpoint, city television reports, and Rambler reports.

The Russians arrived in Hunchun “to negotiate and experience the culture of another country.”

According to the Russians, they also came for recreation, and some of them for business negotiations. So, in an interview with a Chinese TV channel, an entrepreneur named Roman noted that he came to see his Chinese business partners, whom he had not seen for three years.

Alexandra, another participant of the trip, noted that she came for work – to study tourist routes for a travel agency in China, as Russians from Vladivostok are increasingly liking to relax in Hunchun.

So far, the visa-free regime between Russia and China has not been in effect since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the issue of its resumption is being worked out by the two countries.


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