Notorious fraudster Kerry Adler runs false propaganda


Following publication of series of investigative reports exposing notorious fraudulent and terrorist activities of an individual named Kerry Adler, who runs ‘SkyPower Global’ a scam venture and exposing scamming activities of his son Josh Adler, this nefarious individual has started spending lavishly in publishing self-propaganda in a number of Indian outlets such as ANI, Free Press Journal, Outlook India, News Nation etcetera, while he has also published an outrageously false propaganda stuff against Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury, internationally acclaimed multi-award-winning journalist and editor of Blitz in a dubious website named London Globe. It is clearly understood, this propaganda stuff has been published by fraudster Kerry Adler.

In its propaganda stuff, London Globe website, which does not contain any information of people involved in it or any contact address has made extremely derogatory remarks about Mr. Choudhury. It has even shown notoriety of branding Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury as a “yellow journalist” and made the following false claims:

London Globe website said: “According to a former Indian bureaucrat, Salahuddin Shoaib Choudhury faces charges of sedition and international crimes and hence, he is being under constant vigil by both the Indian government as well as Bangladesh’s subsidiary vigilance agencies”.

Our reply: Mr. Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury neither faces any sedition charges or charges related to international crime, nor he is under “vigil” by any of the intelligence agencies in India and Bangladesh.

London Globe website wrote: “Weekly Blitz had claimed several derogatory statements about many sensitive issues containing classified information and persuading left-wing supporters towards violent paths. This has even led to his conviction. On account of his dubious activities, the application of Salahuddin Shoaib Choudhury’s citizenship in Caribbean nations has also been rejected due to his failure in due diligence operations”.

Our reply: Blitz is not a leftist newspaper. Anyone checking our contents will know, this newspaper has been publishing reports and commentaries based on fact. Moreover, Mr. Choudhury has never applied for citizenship of any country in the world, hence there is no question of seeking citizenship of a Caribbean nation, as we are aware of Dominica, a Caribbean nation’s Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit’s involvement in selling citizenship and even diplomatic posts to various criminals.

London Globe claims, Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury “has faced conviction many times for writing derogatory articles against countries, creeds and caste”, while it also said, “on November 29, 2003, the notorious figure was arrested at the Dhaka airport as he was carrying discs and papers containing information on sensitive issues including minority repression and the spreading network of al-Qaeda in Bangladesh”.

Our reply: Mr. Choudhury has never been convicted for writing derogatory articles “against countries, creeds and caste”, while he was arrested on November 29, 2003 on his way to Tel Aviv for participating in an international peace conference jointly organized by the Hebrew Writer’s Association and the US State Department.

Following his arrest, The New York Times in an editorial wrote: “Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury, a Muslim editor and commentator in Bangladesh, has a rare virtue — he champions dialogue and decency in a culture hemmed in by extremism and corruption”.

A version of this article appears in print on Dec. 14, 2003, Section 4, Page 10 of the National edition with the headline: The Risks of Journalism in Bangladesh.

In 2007, the United States Congress passed a bi-partisan resolution (HR-64/2007) in Mr. Choudhury’s defense by 409 votes. It may be mentioned here that, the European Union Parliament, Parliament of Australia and the UK Parliament had also passed resolutions in his defense.

Above remarks of London Globe website, who certainly has been provided by Kerry Adler, his son Josh Adler and other members of this fraud and terror racket clearly proves – how nefarious these individuals are. It may be mentioned here that, earlier when Blitz published an investigative report exposing Kerry Adler and his son Josh Adler alias Joshua Adler, members of Kerry Adler’s terror gang had staged DDoS attack on the website of BLiTZ with the dangerous agenda of destroying this newspaper’s online edition. It may be further mentioned here that, BLiTZ has been publishing since 2003 from Bangladesh with both print and online edition.

Who is Kerry Adler?

Fraudulent activities of Kerry Adler has been exposed through a series of investigative reports in BLiTZ, including the following reports titled:

Kerry Adler Resorts To Terrorist Act Against Blitz

New York Weekly Removes Content About Josh Adler

Kerry Adler And SkyPower Exposed

Indian Minister Runs International Scam Racket

World Economic Forum Patronizes Terrorist Kerry Adler

Atlantic Council Promotes Fraudster, Terrorist Kerry Adler

A Dubious Kerry Adler And His SkyPower

The Eastern Herald, Supercars To Super Scammers, Dubai Has Everything To Offer

Readers can find more reports on Kerry Adler and his son Josh Adler in BLiTZ, which also are available on Google News and other major search engines.

As his fraudulent and terrorist activities got exposed to governments, organizations and individuals in the world, Kerry Adler and his son Josh Adler has now started spending lavishly in self-propaganda with the ulterior goal of saving themselves from possible legal consequences.

Indian news agency ANI published a sponsored post titled ‘The Man Who’s Turning On The Lights’.

Free Press Journal also published a similar sponsored post titled ‘Kerry Adler The Orator And Environmentalist Inspiring A Whole Generation’.

News Nation published a “brand story” titled ‘Kerry Adler’s Fame Is Reaching The Zenith In Environmentalist Circle’.

Outlook India published a similar sponsored/brand post titled ‘World Leaders In Awe Of Kerry Adler Calls Him A Reckoning Force Of Change’.

Fox Interviewer (nothing to do with Fox News), published a sponsored post titled ‘ConvrtX Founder Josh Adler’s Ambitious Journey Launching 1—Startups In One Year’.

We are calling upon the investigative journalists in India, the Middle East, Canada, and the United States to now investigate the case of Kerry Adler and his scammer son Josh Adler and expose this heinous fraud and terrorist racket to everyone in the world so that they cannot continue their dangerous scam ventures in the future.

Kerry Adler and his son Josh Adler fled Canada and have been living in Dubai since 2020. Here in Kerry Adler’s Dubai mobile phone number: +971-58-511-4111. Investigative journalists shall not be able to reach notorious fraudster Kerry Adler either through phone number of email address shown on his scam venture named ‘SkyPower Global‘.


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