World Economic Forum patronizes terrorist Kerry Adler


The World Economic Forum (WEF), which has earned bad names by promoting a large number of extremely controversial individuals, including fraudulent crypto venture FTX boss Sam Bankman-Fried and many others, it has also highlighted a notorious fraudster and terrorist named Kerry Adler.

On its website, WEF features Kerry Adler stating:

“Kerry Adler has more than 33 years as an entrepreneur and was among the early leaders in North America to advocate for a viable renewable energy industry. He founded SkyPower in 2003 and built it into SkyPower Global, a leading utility-scale solar developer.

“Under Kerry’s leadership, SkyPower’s presence has reached 60+ countries, helping communities meet their needs for investment in clean energy solutions. SkyPower has over 25,000 MW of solar projects in various stages of development today”.

Kerry Adler is also promoted by many organizations, including International Economic Forum of the Americas, Forbes Council, Atlantic Council, including the United Nations.

On December 31, 2022, commenting on the World Economic Forum, Samuel Gregg in an article wrote:

“It isn’t mad, however, to regard the WEF as a dangerous force in global politics. The WEF is a dangerous force in global politics. To adapt Joseph Heller, just because you are paranoid, doesn’t mean the WEF isn’t after you. A shared distrust of the WEF brings together anti-capitalists on the left and culture-warriors on the right. But that distrust is based on a misunderstanding of what the WEF is these days really all about”.

Klaus Schwab, the chair of WEF faces criticism from his staffs. Giving details of it, British newspaper The Guardian in a report titled ‘Mutiny erupts among WEF staff over role of ‘Mr Davos’’ said:

The future of Klaus Schwab – Mr Davos for more than half a century – has become a talking point at this year’s meeting after World Economic Forum employees voiced strong criticism of their chair and the lack of a succession strategy.

A group of current and former WEF staff members who contacted the Guardian said the 82-year-old Schwab was a law unto himself and had surrounded himself with “nobodies” who were incapable of running the organization he founded in the early 1970s.

“Klaus has been at the helm of the WEF for 52 years. When he was born [in 1938] 122 of the 195 states in the world right now did not even exist. He is completely unaccountable to anyone inside and outside the organization,” the group said.

Twitter owner Elon Musk lambasted WEF asking – if they are trying to be the boss of the earth.

But there is actually more about the dubious role played by Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum. As they featured a notorious fraudster and terrorist Kerry Adler stating he runs a company named SkyPower that has “over 25,000 mega watt of solar projects”, Kerry Adler claims, his company is employing over 120,000 people worldwide.

Atlantic Council on its website said: “Kerry Adler serves as SkyPower’s global president and chief executive officer. Since its founding in 2003, he has helped to propel SkyPower to become one of the largest and most innovative global renewable energy companies. Focused solely on the development of large-scale solar energy generation projects, SkyPower has activities in over thirty-five countries and across four continents around the world. Kerry also founded the company WebHelp Worldwide in 1999, which today employs over 60,000 employees in forty-nine countries”.

SkyPower “one of the largest and most innovative global renewable energy companies”, with “activities in over thirty-five countries and across four continents around the world”?


Where are those 60,000 employees Kerry Adler has in “forty-nine countries”?

For those “big people” sitting on cozy chairs in the World Economic Forum or the Atlantic Council, let me expose the actual identity of Kerry Adler.

According to February 2, 2023 report published in Blitz, Kerry Adler has been using commercial PR websites in spreading self-propaganda, while is also succeeding in buying space in smaller newspapers – mostly in smaller nations. For example, on January 19, 2020, a Chilean news site published a news item titled ‘UAE company SkyPower expressed interest in requirements to install high-tech solar parks in Paraguay’.

Although ‘SkyPower’ has been proclaiming to be a Canadian company and then all on a sudden it become an “UAE company”? But, back on November 17, 2022, even UAE’s Khaleej Times in its report didn’t say – SkyPower was an UAE enterprise.

There was an interesting report about a conman named Anthony Ritossa in Vanity Fair on October 19, 2022, which said, this fraud being kicked out of Monaco has landed in Dubai and was holding a grand summit. And, Kerry Adler is a friend and promoter of Ritossa.

In September 2015, Bangladeshi media published a report about Kerry Adler stating he was going to invest US$4.3 billion in solar power sector in Bangladesh. These news items termed SkyPower Global as “one of the world’s largest and most successful utility-scale solar power producing companies” and Kerry Adler as the “president and CEO of the Canada-based multinational company”.

Seven years have already passed since Kerry Adler met Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at Hotel Waldorf Astoria in the US, but there has been nothing onwards. Even, Kerry Adler’s promised 1.50 million home lanterns as donation to Bangladesh had never arrived.

Everything was simple blank words and false promises from Kerry Adler and his SkyPower.

Just two weeks ago, BNAmericas in a report said, “UAE company Skypower expressed interest in requirements to install high-tech solar parks in Paraguay”.

Look here carefully how Kerry Adler has started hiding his story of being a company in Canada and according to WEF and Atlantic Council “one of the world’s largest and most successful utility-scale solar power producing companies”, employing thousands of people!

No one asks – where are those solar power plants set by SkyPower or where are those employees. Anyone visiting the website of SkyPower will see some photographs of individuals shown as directors and ‘Strategic Advisory Board’ that include, Kerry Adler, Charles Cohen, Adi Cooper, Ameya Prabhu, Barry Reiter, Henry Wolfond, Matthew Coon Come, David Kessie, David Thompson, Jennifer Gandin, Avraham Shemesh, Albert Marigner, Rene Pardo, Warren-Spar Hamoud Abdullah Al Junaibi, Frank Lowenstein, Suresh Prabhu, Robert W. Foran, Ava Wojcik, Benoit Fortin, Fatemah Din, Jeffrey Graham, Kelly Yin, Haleem Chowdhury, Hando Kang, Zahra Jeraj, Kshitij Kaushik, Giorgio Mauro, Charmain Klawiter, Amit De, Navid Seifkar, Maria Vorobieva, Dr. Oma Khader, Sung Lee and Michael Kasumov.

We are not sure if those individuals shown as members of SkyPower are at all involved with it as in the past Kerry Adler has formed a fraudulent venture named ‘EcoShumi Foundation’ in Dubai, where he had put names of many individuals without their consent or knowledge.

Address of SkyPower is shown as Commerce Court 44th Floor 199 Bay Street Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5L 1E9, Phone +1 416 979 4625, Email: [email protected]. There is no information about its existence in the United Arab Emirates or any other country in the world. But they are luring people to invest their hard-earned money into this dubious venture. SkyPower provides information about its existing projects, which also clearly proves – this is a grand scam show.

The email address shown on SkyPower website is non-responsive, so is the phone number.

Let’s further expose Kerry Adler! Following publication of a report in Blitz on February 2, 2023, Kerry Adler launched a notorious cyberterrorist attack with the notorious goal of destroying the online edition of this anti-militancy newspaper. His son, Joshua Adler alias Josh Adler, sitting in the UAE has been continuing criminal and scamming activities. Following publication of a report on January 29, 2023 in Blitz exposing Josh Adler, New York Weekly has removed their article titled ‘Josh Adler is a disruptive force in the realm of tech startups’, which was published on June 15, 2022.

Because of the presence of dangerous individuals like Kerry Adler, United Arab Emirates has already been termed as the “Mecca” of criminals, terrorists, gangsters and scammers.

Our investigation about Kerry Adler and his son Josh Adler shall continue and we shall reveal further information on these notorious individuals.


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