Serious allegations against Josh Adler and ConvrtX


Joshua Adler alias Josh Adler, son of notorious fraudster and terrorist Kerry Adler is facing serious allegations fraud and sexual harassment from people who had been cheated by Josh Adler.

On February 4, 2023, an individual named Gemma Martin in a Facebook post said:


I don’t even know where to start. 

I posted last year about a company who refused to deliver me my website and app, commissioned for my business, that I had paid £28k for. Their name is CONVRTX by the way. I didn’t name them last time. 

We came to an agreement after my last post, after me paying over £1k for a solicitor, that I would give them a chance to deliver the products and remove my negative reviews for the time being. One site wouldn’t allow me to remove the review, but the agreement was I’d give a fair update on the quality of the products once in a finished state. 

Now: 6 months later, the products are a shit show  I literally won’t use them. I was going to let them fix them, until their CEO had the audacity to ask me to amend my review to 5 stars. Tried to say I’d agreed to once I got my products, absolute load of shit. 

Daniel and I have been keeping an eye on their review pages over the last 6 months. So many fake positive reviews, copy and pasted, removed, and reposted under different names. It’s an absolute farce. 

Now to today; I reposted my negative reviews this week. The company relentlessly reports and hides them. Not just me; with every negative review. Bark says they are investigating the matter, but the negative reviews remain hidden. There are a number of negative reviews they’ve managed to hide. 

There is suspicion that they are a Ponzi Scheme. We came across a newspaper who are doing investigative journalism on them, and have found out that both the CEO, Josh Adler, and his dad, CEO of SkyPower and a member of the World Economic Forum, Kerry Adler, are high flying fraudsters. Things are insane. Kerry Adler deleted his twitter after being accused of cyber attacking the newspaper who ran a story on him  

What’s even crazier; I’m now in touch with a number of clients of CONVRTX who have had the same experience as me. Some I’ve tracked down myself. Others have sought me out after being tipped off from a ConvrtX staff member that I’m rounding up disgruntled clients. Clearly someone in that company has a shred of morals. 

These people have taken 28k of my money. One client I’m speaking to gave them 100k for projects they apparently cannot complete. 

There are international journalists looking into them. 

I’ve accepted that I’ve lost my money, but hopefully in rounding up all of these clients they’ve scammed I can be a part of bringing them to justice. 

I’ve screenshotted some of the now hidden negative reviews. I’ve also screenshotted a small number of the obvious fake reviews. 

I remember when their legal counsel sending me inappropriate emails which were what I deem to be sexually harassing was the most insane part of my story. God knows where this is going, but it’s getting more insane by the day. 

If I suspiciously wind up dead one day under odd circumstances, it’s probably because I’ve help exposed a huge fraud ring 

All jokes aside…

If you know anyone looking for software development, avoid CONVRTX like the bloody plague. 

Feel more than free to share the hell out of this since they are hellbent on hiding my reviews.

Do you fancy actually doing anything about this Trustpilot? I’ve been reporting this to you all week. Same with you The longer you allow this to happen, the longer you are complicit with fraud.

Gemma Martin’s Facebook post was share by a Twitter handle named Dannyboy:

What is ConvrtX?

ConvrtX is a fraudulent company run by Josh Adler.

On his LinkedIn profile, Joshua Adler aka Josh Adler who is running a company named ‘ConvrtX’ from Dubai, the United Arab Emirates says, he “comes from a line of problem solvers and change makers – his family built several companies, including Sitel, Webhelp and Skypower, which are valued at more than $20B and created over 250,000 jobs across the world. Adler is committed to fostering innovation and fueling job-creating ventures that continue to make a positive impact”.

The LinkedIn profile further says, “Adler grew up in Toronto and attended the University of Toronto before studying cyber security at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His commitment to supporting startups was born out of his own experiences: ConvrtX is the fourth startup Adler has founded. Adler recently launched Open Advisor, a platform aimed at creating an inclusive network to support founders globally, with a focus on championing founders in developing nations. He also serves as an advisor to over 25 startups and is in the process of launching a startup fund”.

Although New York Weekly described ConvrtX as the “biggest venture studio in the Middle East”, our reporters found the website of ‘ConvrtX’, where it gives a vague information stating its office in Dubai is located at Index Tower, while it mentions a Canadian phone number +1-888-979-7510.

Also read New York Weekly removes content about Josh Adler

Most interestingly, our reporters did not find existence of any company named ‘ConvrtX’ in Dubai. It is not registered with the Dubai or UAE authorities. While despite the fact that Joshua Adler claims “his family built several companies, including Sitel, Webhelp and Skypower, which are valued at more than US$20B and created over 250,000 jobs across the world”, on the website of Sitel and Webhelp, there is no physical address or phone number or any information about people behind these companies. Skypower website gives a contact information as follows:

Skypower, Global Headquarters, Commerce Court, 44th Floor, 199 Bay Street Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5L 1E9, Phone +1-416-979-4635. Email [email protected]. ‘Commerce Court’ is a 57 storied building housing hundreds of companies and several financial institutions. Here is the website of Commerce Court.

Our reporters did not find existence of any company named ‘Skypower’ in this property.

We have also sent email to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) asking if they had any student name Joshua Adler alias Josh Adler. Until filing this report, we did not get any response.

On his social media profiles, Joshua Adler alias Josh Adler claims to be currently situated in the United Arab Emirates, where “he leads his ventures to empower founders in the Gulf states and globally”.

What Josh Adler and his notorious fraudster and terrorist father Kerry Adler actually are doing is – trying to cheat wealthy Arabs through series of fraudulent ventures, while Kerry Adler reportedly has already established connections with Lebanese Hezbollah, Afghan drug-lords and Ukrainian mafias and oligarchs.


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