Marco Polo bombshell reports on Biden family crimes


Marco Polo, a non-profit group a nonprofit research group exposing corruption and blackmail to drive an American renaissance, which is founded by Garrett Ziegler has been publishing bombshell reports exposing crimes and corruptions of Biden family. Below are excerpts and links of some of the Marco Polo reports, which shall be playing significant role in the upcoming investigations into Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and other members of the scandalous Biden family:

Report on Biden laptop, published on October 20, 2022

For the past thirteen months, Marco Polo—a nonprofit research group comprised of six men from across the US dedicated to exposing corruption and blackmail—has been writing a comprehensive Report on the Biden Laptop and the crimes thereon. Our motives and budget were transparent; thousands of Americans financed its production. We neither sought nor received any institutional/corporate backing. We were delayed for various reasons, but finished the dossier for 35k under budget.

At long last, the Report is complete. It has been sent to members of the US House & US Senate, US attorneys for the jurisdictions in which the Bidens (and their associates) committed crimes, state and local law enforcement, and—for good measure—every contact on the Biden Laptop, which includes all of Hunter’s classmates at Archmere Academy and a portion of the current White House staff.

The Report is simple but dense: 630 pages. 2,020 footnotes. Broken up neatly into seven sections with the biggest focus being Business-Related Crimes. We believe that it is the deepest digital colonoscopy ever performed on a sitting US first family.

For further details, please click HERE.

Account Manager at Amazon ensnared in sex cult, published on September 6, 2022

Except for Matthew Russell Lee at Inner City Press and Marco Polo, no one wants to delve into the sex cult “client” list that was “inadvertently loaded to the US v. Ray file share” by S.D.N.Y. prosecutors. At least 121 people—including two married couples—contributed to the human trafficking ring which took advantage of a vulnerable Sarah Lawrence College grad named Claudia Drury. Mainstream publications possess the list and have published a few stories about it, but they refuse to release the names on the list: see here, here, & here.

The best man at Bernie Kerik’s wedding, Larry Ray, gleaned over $2 million from the sex cult, which he formed after moving into his daughter’s dorm at the tony Westchester county liberal arts school.

For further details, please click HERE.

Hunter’s guy at DOJ, published on November 12, 2022

A “white shoe” lawyer for Obama & Biden has returned to his old firm after a stint at the DOJ. Swamp machinations like this happen weekly. So why does this matter?

As we laid out on pages 13ff in our Report, Nicholas “Nick” McQuaid was installed on Joe’s first full day in office as the deputy head of the DOJ’s criminal division. McQuaid was a colleague to Hunter Biden’s attorney, Chris Clark, at Latham & Watkins LLP; McQuaid & Clark even argued cases together.

For further details, please click HERE.

Biden’s Press Secretary linked to daughter of Larry Ray sex cult John, published on September 14, 2022

Marco Polo continues its exposure of the “accidentally” released list of johns who contributed to the horrific Larry Ray sex cult, the “lieutenant” of which just received a sweetheart plea deal from the S.D.N.Y. One of the wealthiest johns on the list, hedge fund magnate Joe DiMenna, is a generous supporter of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD). As such, his daughter, Tess, was seen hobnobbing with pResident Biden’s press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, in May at GLAAD’s annual awards ceremony. (Jean-Pierre was recognized for, apparently, being gay?) DiMenna, along with his wife, Diana, is a “serious collector” of “African tribal art” and was also a big backer of disgraced pervert and New York politico, Andrew Cuomo.

For further details, please click HERE.

Pillow Talk benefitting SBF? Published on January 8, 2023

At the time of this writing, SBF has two attorneys in his criminal case (22-cr-00673) in the SDNY: Mark Cohen and Christian Everdell. The duo from Cohen & Gressler LLP represented sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell; Cohen is also the infamous “diversity monitor” who charged NYC $10 million to prod its departments to hire more minorities.

For further details, please click HERE.

Prepping for trial on peloton, published on December 24, 2022

When your mommy & dad are professors at Stanford, the US criminal justice system applies differently to you. For example, as Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press explained, the precedent set by Samuel Bankman-Fried’s faux $250M “bail” is simple & disastrous: if you’re 1) rich and have 2) committed crimes and 3) expect to be indicted, get out of the CONUS. If you stay out of the CONUS, you can use waiving your extradition rights as a bargaining chip for being granted bail — even if you swindled your customers out of billions. We’re sure Ghislaine Maxwell wishes she would have ditched New Hampshire for an offshore hideaway before her arrest, as conditions in the MCC were less than desirable for the Israel-linked espionage queen.

Indeed, SBF will hold court (and probably use the Peloton, the darling workout machine of the global elite) in his parents’ $1.7M home—across the street from Stanford University’s president’s house—while he confers with his well-heeled defense team.

For further details, please click HERE.


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