Billionaire-hating Liz Warren is a lapdog of billionaires


Billionaire-hating Liz Warren continues to receive funding from Bill Gates, George Soros and other billionaires. Writes Daniel Greenfield

Liz Warren hates billionaires. Just ask the millionaire leftist. Or don’t, she’ll be happy to virtue signal to you anyway. The Elizabeth Warren official store even sells a “billionaire tears” mug for only $28 bucks: a profit margin that would be obscene if a capitalist billionaire were doing it.

Who actually funds Warren’s political ambitions? Our investigation of her political organization reveals that it’s billionaires like Bill Gates, George Soros, Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife and eBay’s Pierre Omidyar. Advisors include Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes. Like her Cherokee heritage, Warren’s identity as a crusader against billionaires is fake. Without billionaires backing her organization, she wouldn’t have achieved so much influence in the Biden administration.

In November, Senator Warren appeared at a conference with a rant that mentioned billionaires eight times, accusing Republicans of running up the deficits with “tax cuts for billionaires” and arguing that, “Republicans will fight hard for billionaires, billionaire corporations, and conspiracy theorists. Democrats must be willing to fight even harder for working families.”

That was a little awkward because the conference was co-hosted by the Omidyar Network which is a foundation created and funded by Franco-Iranian eBay billionaire Pierre Omidyar. Of the other five co-hosts, four, Groundwork Action, Roosevelt Forward, the Economic Security Project, and Demos, also received Omidyar funding. The Economic Security Project needed some help because its creator, Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, just has a mere half-billion to his name. Warren was speaking at a billionaire’s private social justice playground.

The only billionaire tears were those of laughter from Omidyar: the richest man in Hawaii.

It’s doubtful that Warren didn’t know that she was there as the keynote speaker for a billionaire’s event since Pierre Omidyar has played a massive role in her political operation.

The Roosevelt Institute was described by Politico as “Warren-allied”: that’s an understatement.

The organization employs Warren associates, allies and past aides. It reportedly assembled the lists of appointees that Warren had demanded from Hillary Clinton and likely Biden, and who would potentially go on to fill positions in a potential Warren administration. The Roosevelt Institute doubles as Warren’s campaign operation, think tank and presidential campaign staff.

This linchpin of Warren’s political operation and future is backed by a billionaire. If Omidyar were to cut off funding for the Roosevelt Institute, she would be crying into her own ‘tears’ mug.

The Roosevelt Institute harbors the worst socialist economic extremists.

When Saule Omarova’s nomination to the Treasury Department, at Warren’s behest, was torpedoed by her Lenin scholarship and support for eliminating private banking, the Roosevelt Institute brought on the Moscow State University grad as a senior fellow.

Key Warren allies and personnel work for the Roosevelt Institute which is, conveniently, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Warren has appeared at Roosevelt events and the institute has promoted her various measures with its personnel effectively acting as her spokespersons even though it’s illegal for C3 nonprofits to get involved in partisan politics or back a candidate.

But the entanglement between the Roosevelt Institute and Warren allegedly went much further.

The Roosevelt Institute had apparently assembled a list of jobs in what was expected to be the Hillary Clinton administration and “interviewed over 1,000 potential candidates”. Some version of this list was likely used for the Biden administration which is staffed with Warren allies.

Take Bharat Ramamurti, a top Warren economic policy aide and managing director at the Roosevelt Institute, who was picked by Biden’s people as a Deputy Director of the National Economic Council. Julie Margetta Morgan, a senior domestic policy advisor for the Warren campaign, became vice president of research at the Roosevelt Institute, and then joined the Biden transition team and holds a senior position at the Department of Education.

And who funds the Roosevelt Institute?

The Omidyar Network has provided at least half a million dollars to Warren’s pet socialist group. It has sponsored the Roosevelt Institute’s roster of ‘smash capitalism’ events. Roosevelt Institute podcasts are, in the words of CEO Felicia Wong, are “made possible with support from Omidyar Network, a social change venture that is reimagining how capitalism should work.”

The troubling intersection between the Roosevelt Institute, Warren’s list and the Omidyar Network was brought home by the appointment of Joelle Gamble of the Omidyar Network, who was also on the board of the Roosevelt Institute, as a top Biden economic adviser. Wong hailed “Joelle Gamble and Omidyar Network. Thank you for your smarts, your service, and your dedication to America’s workers.”

What Warren’s list was actually doing was taking a billionaire’s pet activist to the White House.

Beyond Omidyar, the Roosevelt Institute has picked up $4.7 million from George Soros’ Open Society networks. And Wong is an alumnus of Soros’ Democracy Alliance machine.

Warren’s allies also received $1.2 million from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund: a family of billionaires, money from MacKenzie Scott, the billionaire ex-wife of Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, $1.1 million from Irish duty free billionaire Chuck Feeney, and $600,000 from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, along with other billionaire foundations.

Vox even described Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes acting as a “senior adviser to Wong at the Roosevelt Institute.”

So much for that billionaire tears mug.

David Horowitz and John Perazzo described the abuses of nonprofit organizations with the complicity of the IRS in Internal Radical ServiceFront Page Magazine has continued to delve into the abuse of nonprofit organizations as campaign operations, but even by those standards, Warren’s allied nonprofit uniquely blends a presidential library, a nonprofit and advocacy arm.

The Roosevelt Institute is a partner of the FDR Presidential Library. The FDR Library is administered by the National Archives. The Institute, a 501(c)(3), also has Roosevelt Forward, its own 501(c)(4) which claims to work with members of Congress to “build new rules for the American economy and our democracy”.

Using a presidential library to generate a political advocacy nonprofit and a lobbying group is certainly an example of building new rules. These rules directly entangle an arm of the federal government with a politician’s political organization and a partisan group that works with PACs.

Elizabeth Warren complains that billionaires have too much political influence. Her political power depends on a billionaire-funded ideological operation promoted by the government.

The FDR Library states that it’s “administered by the National Archives and Records Administration with the support of its nonprofit partner, the Roosevelt Institute” and links directly to the Warren political site, encouraging supporters to sign up with Warren’s political group.

Felicia Wong serves as the head of both the Roosevelt Institute and Roosevelt Forward. She also served on Biden’s presidential transition advisory board and was appointed by the Biden administration to its Committee on Racial Equity. But the revolving door can also go both ways with Warren’s digital press secretary and spokeswoman for her presidential campaign who went on to work as a senior communications strategist for the Omidyar Network.

While many remarked on the Warren takeover of the Biden administration, few noted that it was financed by leftist billionaires and foundations. As the unpopular politician continues to plot her next move, the Roosevelt Institute and its billionaire sugar daddies remain crucial to her future.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, unpopular and unlikable, who once faked an Indian identity, jettisoned it to mock up populist credentials as a champion against the rich. At least those richer than her. Billionaire-bashing is an implausible pastime for a party whose operations, especially the more radical ones, are funded by billionaires, whose populism is bought for it by vast wealth.

Warren has gotten away with her hypocritical virtue signaling this long because no one before us took a close look at her political operation. That is what the David Horowitz Freedom Center does and is continuing to do. Our investigative journalism exposes the truth about the corrupt abuses of the oppressors who pretend to be victims, the comfortable class warriors and the puppets who pretend to be populists. The politician with her Cambridge mansion isn’t a populist.

And the radical billionaires she pretends to posture against have made her their puppet.

Elizabeth Warren’s entire career has been built on lies. The billionaire tears mug from a politician who owes her influence to the backing of billionaires is just Liz’s latest scam.


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