BNP plots massive anarchy on December 10


Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) is plotting massive anarchy in December 10, 2022 throughout Dhaka city. According to number of credible sources, to implement such notoriety, BNP supporters and activists from around the world, particularly the Middle East, Britain, Canada and the United States are sending cash donations through illegal hundi channels. A special cell has been set up by BNP’s acting chairman Tarique Rahman for overseeing mobilization of these donations with direct collaboration of BNP men in the respective countries who are already known as “hundi traders”.

It may be mentioned here that following the 2013 general elections BNP along with its political affiliate Jamaat-e-Islami continued massive anarchy and terrorist acts throughout Bangladesh, which did continue until early 2015.

In 2018, although BNP participated in the December general elections, it had abruptly withdrawn from the polling process at the midday bringing allegations of election rigging although according to many local and international observers, BNP had abruptly withdrawn from the election with the ulterior motive of making the election controversial. Meanwhile, some anti-Awami League elements, including leading newspapers and TV channels also began orchestrated propaganda with the vile agenda of making local and international election observers controversial in the eyes of locals and international community.

During mid-2022, BNP has once again started flexing muscles by holding rallies in several parts of Bangladesh, through which leaders of the party are openly stating that its grand rally on December 10 in Dhaka will result in ouster of the Awami League government. Several prominent leaders of BNP, including Aman Ullah Aman have also called upon party activists to join December 10 rally with preparation of embracing “martyrdom in the name of Allah”, which proves – Bangladesh Nationalist Party is already preparing suicide squads for its December 10 Dhaka rally.

According to media reports, attendance in BNP’s rallies throughout the country have been “mammoth” although some sources said, the party is spending hugely in hiring individuals for these rallies.

Meanwhile, majority of the local newspapers are giving exaggerated publicity to BNP’s ongoing programs, while a vernacular tabloid is publishing instigative reports and features. BNP this time is adopting the strategy of gathering people at the rally venues one or two days in advance.

Eyeing on December 10 “grand rally” in Dhaka, BNP and its wings such as Jubo Dal, Swechchha Sebok Dal, Chhatro Dal and JASAS are holding preparatory meeting and secret meetings in various parts of the country. Leaders of JASAS, cultural front of BNP are holding secret meetings in Dhaka city on a regular basis with the plan of sending a massive delegation in December 10 rally of the party. Several front ranking leaders of JASAS, including Helal Khan, Babul Ahmed etcetera are also holding secret meetings of the organization in offices and audio recording studios owned by BNP men. A popular male singer and JASAS leader is planning to bring several thousand people from his ancestral village in Comilla district. This singer is coordinating collection of funds for BNP’s ongoing programs by using several artists who also are connected to JASAS or BNP. Another music composer diehard BNP activist is making “revolutionary” and “anti-government” songs in his studio in city’s Malibagh area, which are being participated by pro-BNP performers. Each of these individuals are in celebration mood who have started “pre-celebration” of party’s victory on December 10.

Meanwhile a credible source said, a number of Islamist parties will join BNP’s Dhaka rally, while Hefazat-e-Islam is coordinating with madrassa teachers and students with the goal of getting several thousand madrassa teachers and students in Dhaka on December 10. It is also learnt that a large number of retired police and military officers as well as civil bureaucrats are also taking preparations for joining BNP’s December 10 rally and also are planning to erect “Gonotontro Moncho” (Democracy Dias) in Dhaka’s Purana Paltan area.

The source further said, BNP men, along with Hefazat-e-Islam activists, madrassa teachers and students and retired police and military officers as well as civil bureaucrats are planning to take position in Dhaka city’s Paltan, Motijheel, Zero Point, Press Club, Shahbagh, Elephant road, and Bangla Motor areas, while retired police and military officers as well as civil bureaucrats also are planning to go for hunger strike holding placards and banners. They are planning to continue hunger strike until December 11 and would then go for laying seize at Bangladesh Secretariat, Jatiya Sangshad (National Parliament), Bangladesh Television, Bangladesh Betar, and other key-point installations with thousands of BNP activists.

It is also learnt, pro-BNP forces would enter Dhaka city during late night of December 9, 2022 with procession and would block all entry points of the city, such as Gabtali bus stand, Tongi bridge, Comilla ferry ghats, Padma bridge, Jamuna bridge, Bhoirob bridge, Aricha highways etcetera. Some retired/sacked military and police officers reportedly are coordinating these plans.

Meanwhile a popular anchor of a talk-show of a private television channel has been maintaining liaison with members of diplomatic corps in Dhaka and been briefing them against the government. This anchor is receiving fund from several BNP leaders, while he is also maintaining communication with Tarique Rahman through Tarique’s trusted man named Ashiq Islam alias Towhidul Islam.


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