BNP runs drug trade with Talibans


Leaders of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), with the active collaboration of Dawood Ibrahim are running drug trade by joining hands with Afghan Taliban narco-lords.

According to a credible source, two individuals namely Iftekhar and Yusuf, both hailing from Mumbai and members of Dawood’s D-Company got introduced to BNP leader Tarique Rahman’s friend Giasuddin Mamun through a Bollywood actress. Onwards Iftekhar and Yusuf were sending expensive gifts for Mamun and his friend, BNP leader Tarique Rahman, while they also reportedly supplied “foreign girls” to Mamun and Tarique during their overseas tours. At the request of Mamun, these Dawood Ibrahim men also reportedly had connected at least three more Bollywood and Tamil stars and arranged “private meetings” on a number of occasions.

In 2002, when the BNP-Jamaat coalition government was in power, Giasuddin Mamun and his business partner Tarique Rahman got connected to Mamta Kulkarni, a Bollywood star.

Mamta came into the spotlight when a Dubai-based newspaper spotted her in Dubai jail. Earlier reports about Mamta suggested that she had shifted to Dubai with her boyfriend and international drug kingpin Vijay ‘Vicky’ Goswami. In 1997, Vicky was arrested in Dubai for trafficking 11.5 tons of mandrax and was sentenced for life for 25 years, as per Dubai laws.

Sources said Mamta was spotted in Dubai jail when she went to visit Vicky. The 52-year-old don’s sentence was reduced to 15 years owing to his good conduct.

Vicky’s release has also created ripples in the African media. As per reports in a prominent South-African daily, Mail & Guardian, Vicky first came to South Africa in 1994 and acquired property, luxury cars and shares in companies allegedly linked to money laundering and was involved in various drug related cases.

Back in 2014, Mamta Kulkarni was arrested along with her husband Vicky Goswami in Kenya.

According to 2020 media reports, Mamta Kulkarni, wife of narco kingpin Vicky Goswami, sought a clean chit in a 20 billion Indian Rupees international drug cartel scandal. Kulkarni has been named a co-accused along with Nairobi-based drug lord Goswami, in a case registered by Thane police under the Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act which relates to manufacture of drugs such as ephedrine and mandrax.

In August 2020, a division bench of the Supreme Court, comprising Justice Rohinton F Nariman and Justice Navin Sinha directed the Bombay High Court to expeditiously take up the case of actress Mamta Kulkarni, who had filed a petition for quashing the FIR registered against her. She had been living in Nairobi with Goswami, who was arrested and extradited to the US by its Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

In 2019, the DEA filed a report in Southern District Court of New York on July 25, 2019 in which it mentioned the name of Dawood Ibrahim aide Vicky Goswami, husband of Bollywood actress Mamta Kulkarni and Ali Punjani, ex-husband of another Bollywood star Kim Sharma.

Sources said that Vicky Goswami, a small-time bootlegger in Ahmedabad, introduced ‘mandrax’ to Bollywood parties in the 1990s. Once Dawood Ibrahim escaped to Karachi in 1993, the drug cartels in India’s crime and financial capital were handled by Goswami on behalf of the D-company. Gradually, heroin, cocaine, and curated marijuana was also being smuggled into the party circuit. Later, Goswami got close to Mamta Kulkarni, and reportedly married her. The couple migrated to South Africa and later to Kenya from where they remote controlled the drug cartels in India.

A 2016 report of Thane police, investigating a case relating to the supply of party drugs to Kenya, reveals that Dawood aide Vicky Goswami, husband of Mamta Kulkarni, was sentenced by a Dubai court on charges of peddling drugs. In 2013, after being released from prison, Goswami shifted base to Kenya where he came in contact with Ali Punjani. The report said that Goswami also approached one Indian Dr Bipin Panchal. In Mombasa, a meeting was held between Dr Panchal and Goswami in which Dr Panchal assured Goswami he will arrange supply of ephedrine from a pharmaceutical company in India. The consignment would then be taken to Uganda where it would be turned into methamphetamine, a party drug.

Both Mamta Kulkarni and her husband Vicky Goswami work for Dawood Ibrahim and Chhota Rajan.

Involvement of Tarique Rahman in the world of drugs

Since Tarique Rahman and Gisuddin Mamun got acquainted to Mamta Kurkarni and her husband’s narco-cartel, the BNP leader and his business partner got involved in narco-trade. Onwards, although Tarique fled Bangladesh in 2007 and Mamun landed in prison on corruption charges, they continued business relations with Dawood Ibrahim cartel through Mamta Kulkarni and her husband. By 2004, two years after Tarique Rahman and Giasuddin Mamun got connected to Mamta and her husband Vicky, they had already become a part of Dawood’s narco-trade in Afghanistan.

The source said, annually Tarique and Mamun are making millions of dollars only from narco-trade with Afghan Talibans.


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