‘Nagorik TV’ men want Bashundhara Group MD and journalist Noim Nizam banned in the US


After successfully getting Elias Hossain arrested in the United States, ‘Nagorik TV’ blackmailing and extortion racket has published an announcement titled “Anvir faces legal consequence in the United States” on its Facebook page on November 9, 2022 stating preparations of application seeking travel ban on Anvir [ Anvir Sobhan, Managing Director of Bashundhara Group] and Noim Nizam [editor of vernacular daily Bangladesh Protidin] are under process. It said, “such actions are being taken in the face of continuous threats and multiple acts of conspiracy. Furthermore, actions will also be taken to stop publication of rumor-based Bangladesh Protidin in the United States. Such legal measures will be taken through legal network in New York”.

Commenting on this post, an individual named Md Shahriar wrote:

“It seems that the ban will be imposed by Nagorik TV. [You guys are] putting oil in mustache only by submitting application. How long [you guys] will continue [such] cheap stunt? People already know you guys are touts. You have photoshopped a photo and replaced ICE with NYPD. Do you think people so stupid?”

In response to this comment, ‘Nagorik TV’ wrote:

“Ask you daddy whether he [Elias Hossain] got arrested or not. His [Elias Hossain] voice went up and it has been brought down. This voice will never rise again. If you don’t believe, ask him. This is Nagorik TV. Mind it”.

Again, Md Shahriar wrote:

Nagorik TV got arrested, released him. What about your Milton [Jacob Milton] serving 3 years imprisonment? You guys have strength of voice, Masha Allah. [Elias Hossain is] only taken into police custody, and [you guys] are jumping. A convicted criminal [Jacob Milton] and you [Nazmus Saquib and Nagorik TV gang] tried to extort Anvir [Anvir Sobhan, Managing Director of Bashundhara Group] by pretending as his younger brother. Being engaged in illicit activities you guys are talking big. You have no shame. Elias proved you guys are extortionists. And you guys have proved you are touts of highest order”.

Facebook page and YouTube-based extortionist and blackmailer ‘Nagorik TV’ gang doctored a photograph of New York Police Department (NYPD).

From the above conversations it is proved beyond doubt that the recent case against Elias Hossain was lodged because Elias had exposed extortion and blackmailing attempt of ‘Nagorik TV’.

NYPD needs to take action against people behind doctoring photo

‘Nagorik TV’ has doctored a picture of ‘ICE’ arresting an unknown individual with ‘NYPD’ and falsely claimed that this picture was taken when Elias Hossain was being arrested in the New York City on November 7. Doctoring photograph and publishing it on online platform is a serious crime under the existing laws of the United States. New York Police Department (NYPD) needs to immediately investigate this serious crime and take stern legal actions against those who are involved in doctoring this photo.

United States needs to extradite cyberterrorists and criminals

For years, several cyberterrorists are using the US soil in continuing criminal activities including cyber terror, extortion and blackmailing. As such crimes committed by Nazmus Saquib of ‘Nagorik TV’ (residing in the US), Kanak Sarwar, Elias Hossain, Monir Haider and others already are proved, it is time for the US authorities to immediately extradite these criminals.


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