Indecent lifestyle of cyberterrorist Hasina Akhter


Hasina Akhter, an infamous cyberterrorist, sitting in the United Kingdom has been running bogus propaganda against Bangladesh for years. Her criminal activities are continuing when Western countries are putting special emphasis of combating individuals who are using internet for terrorist and jihadist activities and for spreading lies, disinformation and gruesome propaganda. In this report, we shall divulge the indecent lifestyle of this woman.

According to Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC), the size of internet users in Bangladesh is above 100 million. Amongst them, more than 90 million people are accessing internet via mobile phones. With the advancement of telecommunication technology, the number of people on social media – mainly Facebook and video-sharing platform such as YouTube is on speedy growth.

Statistics say, currently several thousand people in Bangladesh are engaged or employed in YouTube channels, while some of the YouTube channels such as Eagle, CMV, G Series, Laser Vision, CD Choice etcetera are earning on an average BDT 10-50 million every month. Meaning, each of these YouTube channels are earning substantial amount of foreign currency. As running YouTube channels have already become a very profitable venture, some unscrupulous individuals have started using this video-sharing platform in making money by launching channels exclusively to spread religious hatred, jihadism, soft-porn, immoral contents while some people, such as Hasina Akhter are using YouTube towards continuing cyberterrorist acts. And, Hasina Akhter is one of them.

Half a billion Facebook users in Bangladesh

There are currently more than half-a-billion Facebook users in Bangladesh, although the number of fake IDs is significant. According to our own findings, fake Facebook IDs can be identified very easily as:

The fake IDs do not bear photograph of the user,

Almost all of the fake IDs hide under ‘Locked Profile’,

There isn’t real name of the user.

Individuals such as Hasina Akhter uses fake IDs mainly of Facebook for spreading their YouTube content links amongst the users. Cyberterrorists know, they easily can spread any disinformation, rumor and false propaganda through Facebook and by using their numerous fake IDs.

A nasty Hasina Akhter

According to credible sources, Hasina Akhter, hailing from Bangladesh’s Noakhali district is known within Bangali community in the UK as a call girl and mistress of Tarique Rahman, self-exiled convicted mini boss of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP). It is also rumored that Hasina Akhter is one of the key cashiers of Tarique Rahman’s secret cash as she is one of the most trusted cohorts of this self-exiled convicted individual.

The source further said, on a number of occasions, there had been quarrel between Hasina Akhter and Tarique Rahman’s wife Jobaida Rahman, as it was whispered that Tarique has fathered Hasina Akhter’s only son.

According to information, cyberterrorist Hasina Akhter is continuing vile propaganda against Bangladesh, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, ruling Awami League and patriotic civil-military officers through 5-6 LIVE shows on Facebook and YouTube channel. It is also rumored that many BNP leaders have to pay Hasina Akhter for inviting them into her Facebook and YouTube shows, as she is not only a concubine of Tarique Rahman, she also is the mother of his illegitimate child.

It is also learnt that Hasina Akhter’s paper-husband Reza Ahmed Faysal Chowdhury Shoaib is aware of his wife’s illicit relations with Tarique Rahman. He even knows that the biological father of their only child is Tarique. There also is whispers about similarity in physical appearance of Hasina Akhter’s son and Tarique Rahman.


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