Liberland president Vit Jedlička, the mafia of crypto scam


Vit Jedlička and his cohort in the so-called Liberland venture actually are running cryptocurrency activities throughout the world, while it is suspected that Jedlička has emerged as the crypto mafia as he and his cohort Uchnárová are maintaining direct connections with global crypto, MLM, and Ponzi scammers and frauds.

According to media reports, Zuzana Uchnárová, who is involved in cryptocurrency fraud and the illegal “Ambassador Representative of Free Republic of Liberland to United Arab Emirates” is one of the top-players of ‘Liberland’ and cohort of self-proclaimed president of a non-existent nation, Vit Jedlička in his illegal attempt of floating ‘Liberland Liberty’ cryptocurrency while Zuzana Uchnárová is the mastermind behind ‘National Bank’ of Liberland. There also are plenty of scammers and frauds centering Zuzana Uchnárová, Vit Jedlička and their fraudulent ‘Liberland Liberty’ fake cryptocurrency, while it also is suspected that under the garb of the “ambassador of Liberland” Zuzana Uchnárová is actively involved in drug trafficking in Mexico and illegal money-laundering activities.

Investigative reporters of BLiTZ have already found that people behind ‘Liberland’ are maintaining a strong base in Mexico, wherefrom they have been contacting numerous people pretending as the officials of ministries of this non-existent country. Furthermore, it has also been revealed that a large number of people involved with ‘Liberland’ in Mexico are directly connected to transnational drug trafficking rackets.

It may be mentioned here that, Vit Jedlička, the self-styled president of ‘Liberland’ is making claims of establishing a nation within borders of Serbia and Croatia, which also has land border connection with a European Union nation. While the so-called Liberland is located in Europe, it is matter of great suspicion as to how its “ministry officials” can be located in Mexico.

According to the website of ‘Liberland’ its representative in Mexico is an individual named Fernando Facio Jr, although there is no detail about him. But our reporters have already found his Facebook ID, where he proclaims himself as the “CÓNSUL REPÚBLICA LIBRE DE LIBERLAND” (Consul of Liberland in Mexico). He also works at the Technical Institute of Specialized Security Training in the State of Colima SEGPOL TEC. There are allegations of a large number of similar specially trained security personnel being directed connected to Mexican drug cartels and mafias.

Mexican authorities as well as Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) may initiate investigation into the dubious activities of ‘Liberland’ in Mexico.

Fernando Facio Jr, Consul of non-existent Liberland in Mexico.

The suspicious associate of Vit Jedlička

Vit Jedlička ,the self-proclaimed president of ‘Liberland’ has a female named Zuzana Uchnárová as the ambassador of Liberland in UAE. According to one of her LinkedIn profiles, Zuzana Uchnárová is UAE Liberland Ambassador, Partner at LycanChain, Investor at Immersion4, Co-owner at ChainSense Liberland.

She also is affiliated with the following companies:

Director of Business Development, Cidcitei General Trading LLC, Dubai,

Director, Chain Sense, Dubai,

Partner, Blockchain Land, Dubai,

Co-founder, EcoShumi Foundation, Dubai (a notorious crypto scam and fraud cartel headed by internationally known frauds Kamil Grund and Jorge Sebasteao),

Zuzana Uchnárová claims to have obtained Bachelors Degree in English Language and Literature from Universitas Tyrnaviensis; Masters Degree, Marketing, Management and Media study from Media Academy; and Masters Degree in English Language and Literature from Universitas Tyrnaviensis.

We found a Facebook page of the Universitas Tyrnaviensis which has only 3 followers with no other information.

We have found another website, where it shows photograph and name of Zuzana Uchnárová, which says “Zuzana Uchnárová hasn’t uploaded any papers yet”.

Zuzana Uchnárová has a TikTik account, where we have found plenty of her videos and photographs.

Zuzana Uchnárová has one Facebook ID too, where she has locked her profile with the motive of hiding information, while she also has an Instagram account.

We have found a Facebook page, where Zuzana Uchnárová is seen with Vit Jedlička, self-proclaimed president of Liberland with photo caption “During his recent trip at the World Expo Blockchain Dubai, His Excellency Vit Jedlicka, President of Liberland, had a cordial meeting with His Royal Highness Prince Michael of Yugoslavia, Grandson of King Umberto II of Italy and Prince Paul, Prince Regent of Yugoslavia, where they discussed similar goals for the future of Liberland.

“Present at this meeting was Ms. Alessia Demetz, CEO of Alesya de Monaco, an architectural firm in Monaco, and Amb. Zuzana Uchnárová, Liberland Representative in the United Arab Emirates”.

In another photo, the title said: “His Excellency Vit Jedlicka, President of Liberland, recently received an award on behalf of the Liberland Government, at the Blockchain Dubai World Expo 2021, the First Ever Blockchain Event in the History of “World Expo”.

“This important event was held in association with Expo 2020 Dubai UAE under the patronage of the Government of India and the Private Office of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Ahmed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, a member of the Ruling Family of The United Arab Emirates.

Presenting this award to President Jedlicka was Mr. Pushkin Agha of Vertex Events, and His Excellency Ahmed Elmetwally, CEO of the Private Office of His Highness, on behalf of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed Bin Ahmed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan.

“After the awarding, President Jedlicka presented the successful goals and future initiatives of Liberland to the attendees from around the world”.

According to a website of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic, Zuzana Uchnárová is a broker s.r.o.

According to a Slovak website, Zuzana Uchnárová, Address Rustaveliho 10054/4, Bratislava – Rača district 831 06 is shown as a partner and manager of a company named ‘Brokers Ltd’. Address of this company is Pribinova 913/30D, Bratislava – Staré Mesto district 811 09.

Following publication of our report, people behind Liberland and its illegal National Bank and Liberland Merit cryptocurrency, an individual named Michal Ptacnik from Mexico started threatening us through phone calls (from a Mexico phone number +52-33-1468-7662) and emails. In one of the emails, he wrote:

In that case, we would also appreciate it if the information regarding Zuzana Uchnarova could be taken down unless you can give us evidence directly connecting her activities to some proven (i.e., by a court of law) fraudulent behavior of EcoShumi.

Please note that if the article remains in its current or other defamatory forms by tomorrow morning, we will file a police report.

This email clearly proved, the sender was trying to intimidate us through threats of legal action and then police report, with the ulterior motive of getting name of Zuzana Uchnárová (Zuzana Uchnarova) removed from our reports – proving, Liberland, its fake crypto currency and other activities are directly linked to this woman.

When we warned Liberland’s man in Mexico to refrain from putting blank threats, the same Michal Ptáčník, who had claimed to be from the “legal department of the Ministry of Justice of Liberland” wrote:

“I wasn’t the person calling you from Mexico. My number is 0031649590329. A Dutch number. Feel free to call me and verify my voice and that it is different.

“It wasn’t my intention that you would feel harassed. All I ever did was write the emails you see in this conversation; no calls, no harassment.

“It is however also true that we must protect ourselves from defamation and libel and that the law is on our side. 

“I suggest the compromise I have outlined here might be a good step in the right direction”.

Compromise with a crime racket? No way! BLiTZ, a 20-year-old newspaper has faced similar or bigger threats in the past from numerous criminals and crime rackets, while back in 2006, our office was bombed by Islamist militants. But we remained undeterred and strong in our commitment in publishing truth and confronting evils.

Vit Jedlička, Zuzana Uchnárová and their cronies might have considered BLiTZ as a tiny newspaper or the team of our journalists as cowards who would get scared at their threats. We want to tell those criminals – BLiTZ fears none but God. We shall continue to exposed criminal activities of Liberland gang, while we already have assigned several reporters in a number of countries to investigate this case.

As we mentioned in the previous report, “Ambassador of Liberland to UAE”, Zuzana Uchnárová is leading a notorious scam cartel named ‘EcoShumi Foundation’. Partners in this scam cartel include Jorge Sebastiao and Kamil Grund – well-known international fraudsters.

What is BLiTZ?

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