King Charles’ wife set to become Queen Camilla


While Queen Elizabeth’s husband was given royal title as Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, King Charles has given a mightier title to his wife – Camilla Parker Bowles, who married the him with two children from her previous husband and after destroying the married life of Charles with Princess Diana Spencer. Buckingham Palace has instructed UK media to onwards refer Camilla as Queen Camilla and never to use her previous ‘Queen Consort’ title.

History Correspondent & Deputy Diary Editor, Jack Blackburn, tweeted about the change, saying: “Many will be pleased to know that The Times’ writers have been instructed to drop the term the Queen Consort. Whatever clarifying use it had during the mourning period has expired. Queen Camilla is now to be referred to as such or, if there is no risk of confusion, as The Queen”.

Blackburn continued on to say that The Times is the “paper of record” when it comes to royal titles and that given the death of Queen Elizabeth II is still very recent, there is still some confusion as to how best to refer to her, if Camilla is to be known as ‘The Queen’.

“We have not been directed as to how we should refer to Elizabeth II, with that title sounding far too formal and blunt a transition. I imagine ‘the late Queen’ will suffice for an extended period of time. After then, the old Queen perhaps? Or maybe straight to Elizabeth II?”, Blackburn said, before commenting on the title of ‘Queen Consort’ itself.

“It is interesting as to why Queen Consort stuck. I suppose the chief reason was unfamiliarity with having one. It was on the statement announcing the late Queen’s death and so perhaps people thought it was proper. However, no Queen has ever had that title in their style.

“Queen Mary was Queen Empress while her husband lived, before reverting to Queen Mary. The other probable reason why it took hold was Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother. This was a one-off, in order to differentiate between the two Queen Elizabeths”.

In reference to the Royal Family’s website still referring to Camilla as ‘The Queen Consort’, Blackburn remarked that it is an ‘awkward designation’. “Plenty of our readers agree”, he added. “The Palace and the paper of record are simply having a disagreement over style”. However, it’s worth noting that the Royal Family website does currently carry a disclaimer banner saying “Some information on this website may be out-of-date following the death of Queen Elizabeth”.

He also explained that despite Queen Elizabeth II’s statement requesting for Camilla to be known as ‘Queen Consort’, that it wasn’t entirely clear as to what she meant on that front. “Did it indicate a wish that Camilla be a Queen? Or was it a statement of a preferred title which has never been used before?” Blackburn questioned, adding that a “monarch cannot bind the hands of their successor”.

Here are some comments on the tweet of Jack Blackburn:

Classandra: Out of curiosity: what would Camilla be referred to if she survives her husband?

Campbell: I thought Queen Consort was because Camilla married Charles after divorce. I guessed if Diana had remained with him and was alive, she would have been referred to as Queen from the off. Not casting any judgment on Charles and Camilla btw – just thought that’s where it came from.

Gladiatrix: Then The Times is wrong. Queen Consort is the legal title of a woman married to a reigning King and is granted automatically. E.g. Katherine Parr was referred to as the Queen Consort. King Consort is not granted automatically because of the potential equivalence of power.

Fly You Fools: The joy of a Monarchy is that you don’t get a say…it’s Queen Camilla.

Meripunelsa: I thought Queen was reserved for those of Royal lineage while Queen Consort was for those who married in. (Like Phillip was a Prince because King outranks Queen and Elizabeth was the one of Royal lineage.) Won’t Kate be Queen Consort as well?

Jane Waring: I don’t understand royal protocol but why would Camilla automatically become Queen by virtue of being married to King Charles, when the DoE was never King Philip despite being married to the Queen?

Sonja Helfer: Could they also drop the “Kate Middleton“?! She is Princess Catherine of Wales.

Miss Lost: Do we know what happens after Charles passes? Camilla can’t be The Queen Mother or what not.

Sally Roberts: Good because whilst King Charles is alive she should be known as Her Majesty the Queen. When widowed she will be known as Queen Camilla.

Ryan: And, while we are on the topic, can the media stop referring to The Princess of Wales as “Kate Middleton”. She hasn’t been Kate Middleton for over a decade. Since when do we insult women by referring to them by their maiden name.

Helen: Instruct? So the Palace can in fact make requests to the press? So they could have or can still ask the press to kindly tone down some of what has been described by others borderline bullying of Meghan by the press? Interesting indeed.

Sandra Cockburn: My thinking of Queen Consort, was that once King Charles III has his Coronation, it is THEN that Queen Consort is dropped, as Queen Camilla will be then also Crowned or is this totally incorrect???

Christine Canning: They can call her what they like. I have my own name for her and it certainly isn’t Queen.

Shy Civil Servent: Is Andrew now properly referred to as ‘Disgraced Former Member of Royal Family’?

Roxyarnie: The wife of a King is officially called Queen Consort. This is not a title especially for Queen Camilla. The husband of a Queen is a Prince, although I suppose that really should change to King Consort.

Saindinrose: Ohh that former cocaine pusher and social climber called his mum The Queen. Of course he wanted a piece of the cake.

Ike Ijeh: Inevitable. I’d be interested in whether past Queen Consorts were referred to as such immediately after a monarch’s death or whether this was unique to Camilla in light of sensitivity about her title. Queen Alexandra’s case, in also succeeding a Queen Regnant, would be revealing.

Queen B: So they think by forcing the media that it will be accepted by the public? She’s lucky the rule was changed from her being known as Princess Consort.

Maria Chan: The Mistress title is there forever no matter how they instruct the writers.

David Thomas: I don’t follow this stuff closely but I did understand it was QEII that conferred that title on then Prince Charles’s wife with the intention that would carry forward beyond her reign. As King; I guess Charles is boss now and “his will be done”, as it were.

Michelle: She will always be Camilla the cheat who never gave Princess Diana a chance with her husband.

Mayari: How about Mistress Consort?

White Online: Good lord! What short memories the British people have.

Edward: Little did she know that, having spent the night in a railway carriage with Charles, the night before his wedding to Diana, one day her subjects would be expected to touch their forelocks.

Anne McGachey: Not, and never will be, Queen.

Pea Dee: Were all the other queens also side-pieces like Camilla? And was this name not Queen Elizabeth II’s wish? She must be rolling over in her grave.

Callum Armour: When the Queen wanted to confer Philip a new royal title she crowned him a Prince publicly. If Charles wants to do the same against his mother’s wishes and elevate his 2nd, divorce’ wife higher than his own father do it properly instead of dropping hints to Media sycophants.

Dr Bruno Taltalian: The exact words of Queen Elizabeth were “it is my sincere wish that, when that time comes, Camilla will be known as Queen Consort as she continues her own loyal service”. But go ahead and ignore her wishes if you want, I guess.

Ruth Ellis: Mercy me! She did not deserve to be in Diana’s shoes! There is a term for her but I can’t say it!

Preston: Why should she get to be called The Queen if Philip was only ever referred to as Prince Consort?

Laurie McMeekin: Thank heavens. Consort is the job. Queen is the title. You only have to go back a couple of centuries to revisit Queen Mary (also a consort) or Queen Alexandria (again, a consort). It is never supposed to be used in the title. Prince Philip did not use it either.

Nicola: Can King Charles just sort out all the new titles in one go so everyone can celebrate or rage at the same time and then move on.

Newyork: Very funny. I love your comedy. Styling is actually an art. So it will be queen and king. Or king and queen. Which one comes first? Lovely playground. Diana would not believe it, only good thing, she doesn’t have to deal with this any further.

Jax: She will NEVER be queen. Marriage wrecker.

Adrian Cottey: Utter nonsense. Was Prince Philip ever King Philip or The King?

Queens R Made: All who trust Charles to keep a promise do so at their own risk.

Fruitbat: No chance is she ever being called Queen! I’m convinced that Charles is going to destroy the monarchy from the inside out!


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