Cuban and Hispanic residents see democracy dead in the US


For Cuban and Hispanic residents of Miami, Monday’s FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence stirred up painful memories of the communist regimes many of them fled.

Araceli Villanueva, a Mexican-American and former head of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly in Miami-Dade, said: “What the FBI did to Trump’s home is what third world country governments do”.

Villaneuva added: “We Hispanics know that once the government invades a citizen’s private home and, in this case, also a former President, socialism, tyranny and totalitarian regime like actions have arrived to the USA and it’s the beginning of the end of our Republic. We are in deep trouble and must wake up now as it’s the last chance to avoid the fall of our rights and lives as we know it!”

“My family brought me to the USA from Cuba when I was nine years old, but now the rule of law has eroded here and the USA is turning into Cuba and the rest of Latin America!” said Ed Vidal, a Cuban-American lawyer, political activist, and Vice Chairman of the Election Integrity Subcommittee of the Republican Executive Committee of Miami-Dade County.

Miami “is made up of millions of first-generation Americans who fled totalitarianism in Cuba, Venezuela, and elsewhere”, L. Todd Wood noted in an Aug. 9 analysis for The Miami Independent.

“The raid of president Trump’s home is a terrifying action. As a first generation American from Latin America, I have felt safe from government abuse in this country because the Bill of Rights protects me from unreasonable searches and seizures”, said Camilo Riano, a Colombian-American. “If the FBI can call me a domestic terrorist if I speak at my town’s Board of Education meetings, and can raid the home of a former president of the United States for political reasons, I am not in a democracy anymore. I am living in a totalitarian, tyrannical system”.

Carlos Silva, a prominent Cuban-American attorney in Miami, said the raid was “a diversion” from the Biden “corrupt crime family investigation. More importantly the raid serves to affect the presidential polls and midterm elections that show the Democrats are sunk!! Our socialist/communist government will lie cheat and steal to stay in power!! Our country unfortunately is being run by the true globalist and new world order. Do you know who they are? Wake up America or lose our country forever!!!”

Willie Lora of Miami, architect of CNN Espanol, said: “These are dark times for the country, and every American, regardless of your party affiliation, should be concerned and alarmed by the politización of the FBI and the DOJ by this administration to be used to go after your political opponent. Political persecution is what we have criticized from third world countries and we have just seeing this White House and this Department of Justice using the same tactics as the Ortega Regime in Nicaragua, Maduro in Venezuela and the Castros in Cuba. We are seeing Democracy erode in front of our eyes and my hope is that the American people fully reject this administration’s assault on the constitution and the rule of law”.

Manuel Cambo, owner of WSQF 94.5 FM in Key Biscayne, noted: “It is pretty obvious to American-Cuban whose parents immigrated from a police state on the island of Cuba that America is becoming the statist capitalist country like China instead of a Republic of free individual states united against enemies foreign and domestic”.

Wood noted that political analysts “are expecting a massive move by Hispanic voters away from the Democrat Party and towards the America First agenda in the midterm elections, with some estimates showing the GOP picking up 60% of the Latin vote”.

El Salvador President Nayib Bukele criticized the raid on Trump’s personal residence at Mar-A-Lago in a statement posted by Bukele’s official Twitter account, the Spanish news agency Agencia EFE reported.

“What would the US Government say, if OUR police raided the house of one of the main possible contenders of OUR 2024 presidential election?” Bukele wrote on August 8.

Bukele’s administration (2019-present) maintained friendly diplomatic relations with Trump during his presidency, Agencia EFE recalled on Monday, writing:

“The Government of President Bukele was close to the Administration of former President Trump and the Salvadoran president maintained a close relationship with his ambassador -at the time- in Salvadoran territory, Ronald Johnson.

“However, El Salvador’s relationship with the United States changed with the arrival of Joe Biden and is currently tense due to some decisions made by Bukele that have been criticized by the Biden Administration”.

Fox News host Jesse Waters, meanwhile, was hailed by many for confronting what appeared to be a less-than-outraged Republican Senator Lindsey Graham over the raid on Trump’s home.

Ann Schockett, immediate past president of the National Republican Women’s Federation, wrote in a Facebook post:

“Friends, this has been an #Outrageous and dark week in the history of our great nation, and it is not over! The raid on Mar-a-Lago was a direct attack on our former President and also on each and every one of us. Just the next day, the FBI confiscated US Rep. Scott Perry’s cell in front of his family. And, did you watch VP Kamala Harris and Senate Democrats cheer as they passed a US$700B bill to raise our taxes? Each of these is extremely painful but that’s exactly what the Democrats want as they try to tear apart the fabric of our great nation.

As for the FBI raid held in the dark before sunrise, “If you still think this is all about some records for the National Archives… bless your heart”: US Rep #LaurenBoebert. As for the FBI’s confiscation of US Rep #ScottPerry’s cell, he stated: “They made no attempt to contact my lawyer, who would have made arrangements for them to have my phone if that was their wish. I’m outraged — though not surprised — that the FBI under the direction of Merrick Garland’s DOJ, would seize the phone of a sitting Member of Congress”. Who is next?

The attacks escalate. Biden’s Inflation and Recession Act is a colossal tax and spending bill. It gives the IRS US$80B of our tax dollars at a time when we didn’t even have the US$5B for a wall, and extreme power to hit every income family, especially lower and middle income, as well as our 31.7M small businesses across the country that account for 99.9% of all US firms. 87,000 more IRS agents makes the IRS bigger than the State Department, Pentagon and Border Patrol combined. According to countless economists, the Act will not reduce inflation but only further hurt Americans who are suffering terribly.

“Hardworking Americans shouldn’t have to worry about government agencies being WEAPONIZED against them. But that’s exactly what Inflation and Recession Act will do. 87,000 NEW IRS agents will TARGET 710,000 Americans earning US$75,000 or less per year”: Rep. #ClaudiaTenney (R-NY).

‘Small hanging fruit’ from small businesses to households with less than US$25,000 in income were five times as likely to be audited by the IRS last year; how much will this increase? And, that tax money will likely be squandered on everything from useless studies to funding illegals on our soil to funding and empowering foreign dictators and terrorists whose goal is to eliminate us.

Do you actually believe all this will end well for the American people? Well, Biden’s constituents in his home district of PA CD8 don’t think so showing a paltry 38% approval rating (it’s even lower across the nation).

Patriots, TAKE ACTION NOW: Contact your US Representatives to let them know that we are committed to not having them re-elected if 1) they do not come out and publicly denounce the raid on Mar-a-Largo and 2)vote against the Inflation and Recession Act”.

Security correspondent Rowan Scarborough wrote on Facebook:

“FBI agents rummaged through Melania’s clothes.

“The Mexican cartels, thanks to Biden’s open border, have set up Fentanyl hubs in our country as they move massive record-breaking quantities. China supplies precursors. It wants to kill as many Americans as it can. The Cartels want to make addicts of as many Americans as it can.

These hubs, checkpoints would be good places for the FBI to raid. I haven’t heard of any”.


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