Mohammed Bin Salman is making Saudi Arabia great again


Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman truly is making Saudi Arabia great again. He is a young, focused and brilliant leader in the Arab world who is gradually making numerous reforms with the goal of transforming the kingdom in the fastest growing economies in the region as well as an international economic hub.

Mohammed Bin Salman is the new face of Saudi Arabia. After decades of being led by doddering old men, he has revitalized Saudi domestic and foreign policy. The crown prince has undertaken reforms long urged by Western-influenced Saudis. For the first time in Saudi history, the official clergy has been restrained. Princes who long enjoyed huge allowances and business monopolies have been neutralized.

As important, Muhammed Bin Salman has moved Saudi Arabia out of the orbit of the United States. The pro-US princes, particularly his cousin, Nayef, the former interior minister, have been locked up, their bank accounts confiscated. The crown prince has moved toward China and Russia, with no qualms about giving him anything from ballistic missiles to nuclear technology.

Muhammed Bin Salman possibly sees the United States as a fading superpower, as seen by many of the leaders in the world, as because the country is currently run by Joe Biden, a demented aged man who is totally dependent of his advisers – seen and unseen. In fact, Joe Biden is the puppet of several shadow elements.

During his Saudi Arabia visit, Joe Biden raised the issue of Jamal Khashoggi despite the fact, Khashoggi was a Muslim Brotherhood activist and a staunch supporter of Osama Bin Laden. By raising Khashoggi issue, Biden has proved his softer tendencies towards radical Islamic militants, including Hamas, Hezbollah and Houthis. It seemed, either it was at top of agenda of Joe Biden to raise Khashoggi issue or it was his blackmailing tactics. But of course, such hypocrisy has already fallen flat.

During his visit to the kingdom, Biden, who had pledged to reassess US ties with Saudi Arabia, asked Mohammed Bin Salman to increase Saudi oil exports to help reduce the price of gasoline, the key issue in the US and save him and his party from an expected disaster during the mid-term elections for Congress in November. Biden promised his adversary everything from missile defense and aerospace technology to extending visas for Saudis.

“He’s [Biden] intent on ensuring that there is not a vacuum in the Middle East for China and Russia to fill,” US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said on July 15.

But Biden’s efforts here again had fallen flat. He must have learned a lesson that the days are gone when the United States could extract massive economic benefits from the kingdom by selling hugely overpriced weapons that did not work, fighter-jets without pilots or training, main battle tanks with antiquated systems etcetera. American trainers treated Saudi officers as dumb, lazy and useless.

While the Saudi Crown Prince is taking effective reform policies, it is also essential for the interest of the kingdom to stop more than 6,000 prices for expensive foreign tours, gambling and frequent whorehouses in Europe and Asia. They should also be put under pressure for offloading their investments and properties in the United States and the rest of the Western countries and bring back those hundreds of millions of dollars into Saudi Arabia. Members of the Saudi royal family as well as wealthy Saudis should learn the lesson from Western country’s hooliganish attitude towards Russia and China – especially Russia, where properties, investment and cash worth hundreds of billions of dollars were virtually stolen under the guise of sanctions.


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