Finally, Joe Biden publicly exposes his mental inability


Almost every month, there is speculations centering the mental ability of Joe Biden in running the office. But on June 30, he had openly and clearly exposed to the members of the press when following a press conference at the NATO summit in Madrid, he asked – “Which way am I going?” As there was no immediate response, he began to exit stage right, before someone redirected him toward stage left. This was not new with Biden, as it already has been reported in the media, the US president needs “cue card” for each of his steps – each of his statements. Throughout one and half years in the office, Joe Biden has been always confused, uncertain, and sluggish. His movements prove, Biden is guided by unseen forces. He is run by hidden captains.

Democrats although are making frantic bids in hiding the incapability of Joe Biden, there is whisper everywhere – who is really in charge in the White House or who holds the remote control of the US President.

According to the Washington Free Beacon columnist Matthew Continetti: “Every time I speak to a conservative audience, I am asked who is really in charge in the White House. My answer has been that the president is in command. After all, institutions take on the character of their leaders. If all the White House has to offer is excuses, if decisions are made either slowly or randomly, if the communications team and the president and vice president seem to live on different planets, if incompetence and mismanagement appear throughout the government, it is because the chief executive allows it. No conspiracy is required to explain the ineptitude. This is Joe Biden we are talking about.

“Lately, though, I have been having second thoughts. Not that Barack Obama or Ron Klain or Dr. Jill are running the show in secret. What I have been wondering, instead, is whether anyone is leading the government at all. There is no power, either overt or covert, in or behind the throne. The throne is empty”.

No! The “throne” is not empty. Instead, Joe Biden was under command of some unseen forces much before he contested in 2020 election. This is the key reason behind a disastrous economic situation, failures in addressing the border crisis and lately, Biden’s arrogant attitude towards Ukraine issue. This was the unseen forces which had used Biden’s lips in telling Americans, they have to get accustomed to skyrocketing rise in the price of essentials, and Americans should be prepared to endure much tougher economic sufferings for a “very long time”.

While according to economists, America has already entered into the dark tunnel of a recession, which would ultimately take the shape of a grand recession, Joe Biden does not know the solution. Instead, he is letting the United States run on the highway of whims as a car without driver, as Matthew Continetti states: “Yet each of these elements—the president, his staff, his spokesperson, his vice president, his policy—comes across as disconnected, discombobulated, as if each inhabits a separate sphere of activity. Whether because of Biden’s age, or his weekend trips to Delaware, or years of remote work, or lower-level staff turnover, or a painstakingly slow decision-making process, or ideological stubbornness, or a lack of a strategic plan, this administration drifts from crisis to crisis, and from one bad headline to the next. And nothing improves”.

While Americans are suffering from the economy and unemployment in particular, Joe Biden is instructed by the unseen force to blame Russian President Vladimir Putin and the energy industry for exorbitant prices of gas. He even begs Middle Eastern countries to pump more oil instead of easing the burden on domestic fossil fuel production. Meaning, he wants more spending, more tax hikes, more regulations and enhance sufferings of the American people. Meanwhile, with the struggling economy, Joe Biden is repeatedly asking the US Congress to clear additional budget for sending guns and ammunitions to Ukraine.

And about the loosen borders and influx of illegal immigrants, recently authorities found more than 50 dead people in a tractor-trailer on the side of a road in El Paso, Texas. These victims had paid human traffickers to bring them to the United States. Just imagine, how many hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants had already succeeded in landing into the US soil, and how many of them are Islamist jihadists or notorious terrorists.

According to statistics, unauthorized crossings throughout the US borders had hit another milestone just in May this year, when Border Patrol encountered some 239,000 individuals. Instead of taking effective measures in stopping the illegal immigrant floodgate, Biden administration is rather following the policy of accepting as many as possible asylum-seekers into the US.

Where Biden is most engaged is Ukraine. He warned against the invasion, rallied NATO against Russia, encouraged Sweden and Finland to join the Western alliance, and committed America to supply Ukraine with aid and weapons. “The generic point is that we’re supplying them with the capacity—and the overwhelming courage they’ve demonstrated—that, in fact, they can continue to resist the Russian aggression,” Biden told reporters. “And so, I don’t know what—how it’s going to end, but it will not end with a Russian defeat of Ukraine in Ukraine”.

Hasn’t Biden already signaled that the Ukraine crisis cannot be solved with “Russian defeat of Ukraine in Ukraine”, and he has plans of expanding the war beyond the Ukrainian border and ultimately turn it into a war between Russia and the US, NATO and the West? Isn’t he planning a Third World War?

Some of Biden’s key advisors are suggesting him to provide Ukraine with more sophisticated and powerful weapons, which would enable Kiev to directly strike Moscow. Although until now Joe Biden or those who are controlling him didn’t approve this idea. But, following the November midterm elections, once Republicans gain majority in the Congress and Senate and Joe Biden falls into the risk of being impeached, America may withhold its restraint of sending much powerful weapons to Ukraine. Meaning, it will be the beginning of a real war – between Russia and the United States as well as NATO and the European countries.


  1. Really that’s how you ended it? What makes you think the Republicans would send them more weapons? From what I understand if Republicans take over that we want be sending nothing else.


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