White House doctors hide Biden’s brain drain


While White House doctors are struggling in hiding brain drain of Joe Biden, the US president and his inner sanctum have let it be known he plans to run again in 2024, when he would be 82. No one really believes any of it. It is not just the issue of age – it is his health conditions.

Meanwhile, a large proportion of the American citizen were already having doubt about the ability of Joe Biden, although recently it was exposed that the US President needs ‘cue cards’ for each of his movement. This was seen as a sign of Joe Biden suffering from Parkinson or Alzheimer.

It may be mentioned here that Biden went for a colonoscopy Friday and his doctor pronounced his brain is fine. Then people asked – where is his cognitive test report. That is still the question on American minds, although everyone in the White House remains tight-lipped on this matter.

It is clear, from Biden’s often bizarre or befuddled behavior, that something is not quite right with the president, which is why 59 percent of voters want him to take a cognitive test and release the results, according to a McLaughlin & Associates survey published in the Washington Examiner.

But the six-page letter released by the White House, revealing the results of his first official physical, omitted any reference to Biden’s cognitive faculties.


American media got a lot of detail about things which could have done without from White House physician Kevin O’Connor.

A polyp, for instance, was excised from the presidential colon.

Biden doesn’t have Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis, O’Connor concluded from an “extremely detailed neurologic exam”, which was “reassuring”.

He did raise concerns about Biden’s “ambulatory gait” — the way he walks, or more accurately, shuffles. “The President’s gait appears to be perceptibly stiffer and less fluid than it has been in the past”, he said.

O’Connor speculates that the change may be related to Biden breaking a foot last year tripping on a mat when he got out of a shower while pulling his dog’s tail, supposedly.

He concludes the cause is just osteoarthritis in Biden’s spine.

Gait disorders, particularly stiffer, shortened, more asymmetric strides, such as we see with Biden, often are linked to dementia, which is why Dr. Marc Siegel, a clinical professor of medicine at NYU Langone Medical Center, told Fox News he is concerned O’Connor’s report left out crucial information.

“I don’t like that they ascribe his gait issues to a broken foot … This is not a fully characterized neurological assessment of somebody with a gait problem, and I want to know why”.

Siegel said other tests needed to be done “to rule out things that … can be associated with cognitive changes like mental status, like dementia”.

For the 85 minutes that he was under anesthesia, Vice President Kamala Harris assumed the powers of the commander-in-chief, but if voters have anything to do with it, it’s the closest she’ll come to the top job.

The Cackler’s poll numbers have sunk even lower than Biden’s — just 28 percent approval in the latest USA Today-Suffolk University poll, a full 10 points below Biden’s abysmal 38 percent. That same poll found that the No. 1 item on the wish list voters have for Biden in the next year is for him to resign or retire.

As Harris, his one-time heir apparent, offers cringe-inducing interviews and vacuous speeches, leaks have begun about discord in her office and friction with the White House that are designed to damage her further.

Needless to say, Democratic strategists are panicking. They do not anymore feel comfortable either with Joe Biden or Kamala Harris for putting them on 2024 run. They are looking for an alternative, while former president Barack Obama reportedly is pressing the idea of placing Hillary Clinton as the 2024 presidential candidate once again, although, Obama’s idea is large rejected by most of the policymakers of the party as they see Clinton as a “disgust”.


  1. So much for a bipartisan USA, the commission into JFK assignation ended up being window dressing as will the January 6 insurrection commissions findings. The US is not a democracy and Canada is not as well.

  2. Just reminiscing. The EPA was formed under Nixon. The Supreme Court back then was a hallowed institution. Both the Republicans and the Democrats had liberal and conservative wings (I know many will not believe that — but look up Nelson Rockefeller, George Romney, John Connally). The Senate was a revered deliberative body, famous for working across the aisle.

    The Watergate scandal was shocking to most people. We didn’t think any of our politicians would cheat, especially the president. My own Republican congressman, Hamilton Fish IV, served on the judiciary committee, and voted with the majority recommending that Nixon be impeached.

    We might disagree on how we got here, but we can’t disagree that we got here. A president who attempts a coup. A Senate Majority Leader who openly cheats the system for affirming Supreme Court justices in full view of the entire nation. A Supreme Court nominee who makes such a spectacle of himself in confirmation hearings that he would have failed any job interview, except the one for Supreme Court. A competing candidate for Missouri senator making a commercial suggesting he’s going to shoot Republicans with whom he disagrees.

    And now, almost every Republican is refusing to acknowledge a coup attempt that was broadcast on live TV that we all saw.

    And the Supreme Court that Trump and McConnell created, has gutted Nixon’s EPA, and reversed an abortion ruling that stood for 50 years and had been re-affirmed by Republican appointees along the way.

  3. Many of Trump’s crew, and the GOP in general, are third-stringers with little chance of success in academia, industry, or a fruit stand; Trump was their one chance to make the bigtime, and just by keeping their mouths shut. A laughingstock in Indiana, Mike Pence’s career was on a downward spiral before he took a chance and endorsed Trump. Kevin McCarthy, regarded even by his colleagues as a dim bulb, is on the verge of becoming Speaker, despite standing for nothing and being a human doormat. For any of these people to come forward now, sans subpoena, is a career deathblow in the GOP industrial complex; it’s back to the carwash for them.


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