It is time to indict Hillary Clinton in Russiagate scandal


By cooking-up Russiagate scandal with the direct involvement of ex-British spy Christopher Steele and Robert Mueller with the nefarious agenda of gaining personal benefit by putting her political rival in trouble, Hillary Clinton has caused massive damage to American democracy, electoral process as well she has compelled the US administration in spending millions of Americans tax dollars towards her nasty vendetta. If historical accountability now outweighs all concerns about due process, the only valid option is putting Hillary Clinton on trial and let her feel, American democracy does not allow anyone in using the State machinery towards personal agenda. The positive sign is – the crowd of Russiagate has significantly narrowed since a Democrat-heavy jury in Washington, DC, acquitted Michael Sussmann, the heavyweight Democratic lawyer, of Special Counsel Durham’s charge that Sussmann had lied to the FBI.

In the Sussmann trial, what we learned on that score came from the Sussmann defense, not the prosecutors. But it was limited, because Sussmann was just a bit player in Russiagate. Hillary Clinton is the big kahuna.

The “collusion” caper involves a scheme to smear Donald Trump, then the Republican presidential candidate, as a clandestine agent of the Kremlin.

This calumny — or “narrative”, as they say in the biz — was concocted by the Clinton campaign. As dictated by the shopworn modus operandi of the Clintons, who are Yale-educated lawyers, the heavy lifting was done by the campaign’s well-paid attorneys — who would then be able to claim that any damning communications were privileged when, as tends to happen with Bill and Hillary, investigators started snooping around.

The campaign’s attorneys, who were then at the Perkins Coie law firm, retained the “oppo” beavering skills of Fusion GPS, a self-styled “information” firm (though invention may be more accurate). Fusion recruited a motley crew of “researchers”, including the former-British-spy-turned-Trump-hating-fabulist Christopher Steele and his sidekick, the suspected-Russian-spy-turned-respected-Brookings-scholar Igor Danchenko.

Fusion and the lawyers also collaborated with other like-minded Trump-loathers, including a gaggle of Internet researchers, led by tech executive Rodney Joffe. They composed the mood music of the Sussmann trial: a collusion subplot about how Trump and his masters in Moscow had supposedly exploited servers at Russia’s Alfa Bank to create a covert communications back-channel. I guess that’s what supposedly enabled Trump (the puppet) to order Putin (the master) to hack Hillary Clinton’s homebrew servers (which were no longer online or in her possession). Or something.

One of Durham’s challenges was that Sussmann, the guy he decided to indict, was among the most minor players in this farrago. The prosecutors understandably theorized that his false statement to the FBI — the claim that he wasn’t representing anyone when he brought the bureau the Clinton campaign-generated tale about a Trump–Putin back channel — took place within the context of this broader scheme. A giveaway regarding Durham’s lack of conviction about the enterprise that has led to Sussmann’s lack of a conviction is that prosecutors labeled it, almost benignly, as “the joint venture” — i.e., they pulled up short of charging it as a criminal conspiracy to defraud the government, even though they sought to admit evidence of “the joint venture” based on conspiracy principles.

The part about why the FBI is not a victim is the important part of Russiagate. The leveraging of government power for partisan advantage is what makes the collusion caper scandalous.

Russiagate is even a bigger scandal than Watergate, once the matter will be properly investigated. In addition to Hillary Clinton, we may find few more heavyweight names who had fueled this scandalous project. For the sake of justice, it is time to shed light on this matter.


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