Boris Johnson makes self-contradicting statement in Ukraine


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was in Ukraine in a “surprise” visit to meet Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Following this visit Boris Johnson in a tweet said: “Thank you my friend President @ZelenskyUa for hosting me in Ukraine yesterday. It was incredibly moving to walk the streets of Kyiv with you once more, to pay tribute to your fallen soldiers whose sacrifice unconquerable courage and bravery we will never forget”.

But, a large segment of Twitter users was not courteous to the British PM. Here are some of the comments:

Elain Southall @ElainSouthall10 wrote: “Was Ukraine your fried when you blocked the money going to them in 2016?”

Mal Harrison @Mal_DuBois wrote: Of all the idiotic, virtue signalling wokery marching through London saying refugees welcome, not one, when asked by a reporter if they would take a refugee into their home, said yes. He quite rightly asked – Where should we put them all then? And none of the fools could answer.

Michael C Kirk @PSYCHO1892 wrote: Get some boots on the ground then

@BorisJohnson, you complete whoops.

ThatsWhatISaid @ThatsWhatISai13 wrote: “This is completely staged omg… I want a refund on all us $ given to this charade”.

Eamon Melia @EamonMelia wrote: “What a horrible cunt Boris Johnson is, Apologies for the bad language”.

Stephen McCabe @bevmac321 wrote: “FukkoTheClown has given up hiding in freezers he goes to Ukraine to hide. #ToryFascistDictatorship #ToryLies”.

Stuart Basson @StuartBasson wrote: “His Kyiv trips are the only ones in which he passes up on the chance of dipping into the dressing-up box. Odd, that”.

Jacobus M @JacobusMolloy wrote: “@ZelenskyyUa, he is using you!!! Do not trust @BorisJohnson for a second, he uses you and your plight to deflect from his monstrous behaviour at home in the UK. His ethics advisor quit as he was being asked to break the law by this. Honestly, dont be used by him, he is a fraud”.

Marquis de Mywords @Tripplanet1 wrote: “Johnson thanking Ukrainians at the end is vomit-inducing because you know that really he is thanking them for Tory votes in the upcoming by-elections!”

Roger de Courcy @Rogercourcy1 wrote: “Why was he there? Total bs”.

Oliver @tynewrc wrote: “Every time @BorisJohnson flies to Ukraine to detract from #Partygate & #CostOfLiving, he vetoes peace talks, lobbies for British arms sales, and pretends to care about Ukrainian people while ensuring more die to save his job”.

Mark Stacey @VintiqueSMark wrote: “Pm in desperate trouble arranging pr stunt to avoid the red wall tories, the liar in chief is a user, Ukraine will find out this if they don’t know already”.

Proinsias Ó Coinne @frankquinn5 wrote: “Johnson personally intervened to delay publication of the Intelligence and Security Committee’s Russia report. He continues to refuse its demand for an inquiry….yet this?”

Gillian Thompson @GillJThompson wrote: “@Borisjohnson Don’t think we don’t know what you are doing. You are despicable”.

Dr Eric Farmer @Himself132 wrote: “Imagine his efforts had to remain secret forever. He wouldn’t give a damn about the plight of the Ukrainians”.

Vengeance @francoreda wrote: “Two globalist puppet clowns side by side”.

Mαѕѕímσѕlєfthαnd @hevalecraig wrote: “Shameless clown.”

BremainInSpain @BremainInSpain wrote: “Ugh how can @ZelenskyyUa

support @BorisJohnsons who doesn’t give a toss about his citizens, and uses #Ukraine to keep his ministers onside, and lies and breaks international Law”.

Dr. Fill @Damon Fillman wrote: “Two clowns doing a puppet show”.

DecentraliseEverything @thisweb wrote: “Nazi creeps keep creeping”.

Jason @kaloyanides wrote: “Shitload of unnecessary death. The situation never should have escalated this far. To this day, no end in sight. I don’t have a horse in the race but I can still spot incompetence when I see it. Why is the US not brokering a peace deal? Biden?”

Katia @KatetoStoyanova wrote: “Two clowns”.

Yvonne Moore @YoMo1305 wrote: “Paying tribute to Zelensky’s nazi army is tantamount to paying tribute to Adolf”.

There are hundreds of similar comments in response to Boris Johnson’s tweet.

Now let us do a little autopsy of the statement of the British Prime Minister.

While Boris Johnson claimed that Russian forces “are still sustaining huge casualties, they are running out of a lot of the most sophisticated weaponry, their precision weapons are starting to be run down very severely”, can someone ask – if the situation is so much adverse for the Russian troops and if their “most sophisticated weaponry, their precision weapons are starting to be run down very severely”, why in the world Zelensky is asking for more sophisticated weapons?

During his “surprise” visit to Kiev, Boris Johnson has offered Zalensky a “major training program for Ukrainian forces with the potential to train up to 10,000 soldiers”. Meaning, the British Prime Minister is ready to use taxpayer’s cash in giving training to at least 10,000 Ukrainians, which would certainly include thousands of the members of Azov Battalion – tomorrow’s Nazi Al Qaeda and other Nazi cohorts of Volodymyr Zelensky.

It may be mentioned here that, Britain has already pledged more than £1.3 billion (US$1.6 billion) in economic and humanitarian support to Ukraine, providing Kiev with, among other things, more than 5,000 NLAW anti-tank missiles and long-range multiple launch rocket systems.

Russia has consistently warned the West against sending weapons to Ukraine, saying that it would only prolong the conflict and create further problems. It also made it clear that it considers any foreign weapons on the Ukrainian territory as a legitimate target.

In my opinion, the United States and Britain as well as other Western nations are mainly focusing in prolonging the Ukraine war by sending weapons and military assets worth billions of dollars. And most important point here is – although Volodymyr Zelensky is telling his people that these weapons and military assets are gift from the Western nations, in reality, these are loans, which Ukrainians will eventually need to refund with interest.


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