Hillary Clinton wants every media outlet to turn into propaganda machine of the Democrats


Hillary Clinton thinks media in the United States is not “doing its job” and they have got bias against Joe Biden and Democratic Party as well as left-leaning politicians. He has even prescribed how Joe Biden can salvage his political fate by pulling out from now-sinking approval ratings.

Biden’s approval rating has fallen for the third consecutive week now, as shown by a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll published on Tuesday. The president’s approval among American voters is close to a record low, at 39 percent. His rating has been below 50 percent since August 2021 and has continued to sink as the turmoil of the pandemic turned into a cost of living crisis amid a global rise in inflation and war in Ukraine.

The new poll found that dissatisfaction with the president is also seeping through the ranks of the Democratic party, with 74 percent of Democrats approving of Biden’s performance this week, down from about 85 percent in August last year.

The number of Republicans approving of the president remains largely unchanged from August 2021 at only 11 percent. With such a low approval rating, there’s a possibility the Democratic Party could lose control of at least one chamber of Congress in the November 8 midterm election.

In an interview with the British magazine the New Statesman, conducted while Clinton was in northeast England under the invitation of British former Labour foreign secretary David Miliband, Hillary Clinton said the nation needs a president who can project “hope”, as she said her husband Bill Clinton and Barack Obama did during their presidencies.

“It’s hard enough making a living if you’re not encouraged to get up every day and try to find common ground with other people”, Clinton told the magazine. What democracies need, she said, is “leaders who endeavor to bring out the best in us, not the worst, who don’t play to our fears, but help us address them”.

In her interview, Clinton urged mainstream news outlets to stand up against what she said are the lies spread by right-wing media.

“I don’t think the media is doing its job, to be honest. I think you’ve got a right-wing media machine led by Fox and others, and a very potent right-wing presence on social media and the so-called mainstream media hasn’t yet caught up to the reality we live in”, Clinton told the magazine. “They are much too reluctant to stand up for the truth in the face of massive lying—to call a lie a lie—to be on record as saying that we are in a struggle between democracy and authoritarianism, and it can’t just be business as usual”.

Commenting on Biden’s sinking approval rating, New Statesman said:

… roots of America’s divisions, as Clinton knows, run deeper than the missteps of the establishment press, which many on the American right have long stopped reading or watching. Millions of voters are now unreachable for the Democrats. And after the collapse in President Biden’s approval ratings over the past year, the party is set to lose both houses of Congress in November’s midterm elections.

Republicans have, since 2020, exploited widespread voter dislike of the far left of the Democrats, although Clinton thinks that “those voters have been misled. The right-wing media plays up the people on the far left as a way of dividing the Democratic Party”. The left’s power, she believes, is “way overstated”. She did not want to discuss the conflict on the left over how women’s rights have come to be defined.

According to New Statesman, Hillary Clinton is making fresher bids in stopping Republican Party and its presidential candidate from winning. While commenting on extreme polarization in the US politics, Hillary Clinton said:

“It’s not the first time in our history we’ve had these kinds of divides,” Clinton emphasized – four US presidents have been assassinated in office – but politics in America is, moving in a more threatening direction, in part because of what leaders [ie Trump] are doing”, fueled by the distorting power of social media”.

Clinton said, in many states “under tremendous pressure from Trump supporters and enablers, laws are being rewritten to make it harder to vote if you don’t vote Republican”.

”In 2020, Clinton suggested, Trump “didn’t think he could lose because Republicans controlled several of the states that he knew he needed to win”. His defeat was a shock to him because “he counted on those states to deliver the electoral votes”.

Now Republicans are trying to load the dice in states they control ahead of 2024. Hillary Clinton has founded a group funding legal challenges to these laws.

Meanwhile, according to an opinion-editorial by R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr in

the Washington Times, Hillary Clinton is caught in perhaps the most shocking lie of her career. Emmett Tyrrell Jr wrote:

… This is the way the Clinton news has been reported for years. One or two newspapers report a recent Clinton recent pratfall, and the rest of the media is mum for, say, days or weeks or months or years. Then the Clintons’ episodic apologists in the media would come alive for a month or two before falling asleep again. During the Whitewater scandals, I would pop into New York City and make the rounds of the media to see if any of the know-it-alls had any word of the current scandal — scandals have been emanating from the Clintons for at least 40 years. Some were aware of the current scandal. Many were not. They were not kidding. They were really in the dark until the Times finally broke the story, and then it was okay for dolts in the newsroom to mention it.

The best example of the amnesia of the episodic apologists in action comes very close to home with The American Spectator’s Troopergate stories. We published the first Troopergate story about Arkansas state troopers pimping for Clinton in late 1993, and the media said nothing until the Los Angeles Times was coerced by me to publish their story. Then the newspapers waited days to publish their stories, which largely covered up for the Clintons. It took years, if not decades, for the press to own up. And whatever mentions they did give us was pretty much an attack on the messenger. This is to say, The American Spectator.

… On Sunday the Post came forward with a piece reviewing all that transpired in the courtroom last week. The Times remained mum. The Post piece ran for more than a half-page. It mentioned everyone from Michael Sussmann to Elon Musk. Why it mentioned Mr. Musk I cannot say. It was all of a piece to obfuscate the issues which it did. If you can explain Mr. Musk’s role in the courtroom proceedings last week, let me know. As for me, I believe the only issues that matter are Mr. Mook telling the truth and Mr. Sussmann telling the truth. I will accept Mr. Mook’s word and await a jury’s judgment as to Mr. Sussmann’s word. But let us add one other thing: Once again Mrs. Clinton has been caught in a lie, perhaps the most shocking lie of her career. She tried to throw an election.


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