UK minister holds ‘meeting’ with INTERPOL wanted terror-funder


INTERPOL wanted convicted terrorist and jihad-funder Shahid Uddin Khan claims to have held a “meeting” with Victoria Marie Atkin, Minister for State for Prisons and Probation under Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Victoria Mary Atkins was born on 22 March 1976 in London. She is the daughter of Sir Robert Atkins, a former Conservative MP and MEP and Lady Dulcie Atkins, a Conservative councilor.

Ms. Atkins was called to the bar (Middle Temple) in 1998. She worked as a barrister in the field of fraud in London.

Recently, Shahid Uddin Khan published his photograph with Ms. Atkins along with UK’s Torey Party’s MP Stephen William Hammond stating he had meetings with the junior minister amongst many others. It may be mentioned here that, Shahid Uddin Khan has been plotting jihadist coup in Bangladesh with the notorious agenda of unseating Bangladesh government and establish Islamist Sharia rule in the country. He also proclaims himself as the “emir” of Bangladesh once he succeeds in altering the existing constitution of the country, that uphold democracy and introduce his own Islamist “constitution”.

Since 2010, terrorist Shahid Uddin Khan has been maintaining connections with British politician and currently Torey Party’s MP Stephen William Hammond. According to media reports, Shahid Uddin Khan has also business relations with British Conservative Party politician Stephen William Hammond, who has served as the Member of Parliament (MP) for Wimbledon since 2005.

On 4 September 2012, Hammond was appointed Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport, with responsibility for buses, rail and shipping. He lost his ministerial post in the reshuffle on July 15, 2014 and was succeeded by Claire Perry. He became Vice Chairman of the Conservative Party for London on 20 July 2017 and was sacked the following December 16 after participating in a Brexit rebellion against the government of Theresa May three days earlier.

Hammond was however appointed to be a Minister of State at the Department of Health and Social Care on November 16, 2018, following the promotion of Stephen Barclay to the position of Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union. On September 3, 2019, he had the whip removed after voting for a bill ruling out leaving the European Union without a deal. However, on October 29 he was one of ten Conservative MPs to have the whip restored.

With the agenda of spreading terrorist activities throughout Bangladesh, fugitive terrorist Shahid Uddin Khan, who is on Interpol’s RED NOTICE and facing convictions in a number of cases, including terror financing, money laundering, dealing in weapons and counterfeit currency has been forming one-after-another sleeper cells in the country.

According to information, the first illegal rally of the members of terror sleeper cell took place in Munshiganj districts on October 1, 2021. It was followed by similar rally in Netrokona district on October 4, 2021, in Kishoreganj district on October 8, 2021 in Barisal district on October 10, 2021 and Gazipur district on October 11, 2021. According to terror-funder Khan’s social media posts, similar activities are still continuing in different parts of the country.

Md. Shahid Uddin Khan (Army No: BA002428, Course: 8-BMA, Commission Date: 10-06-1983) and his wife and daughters entered Britain with millions of dirty cash. In 2009, Shahid Uddin Khan invested millions of pounds in the United Kingdom in exchange of obtaining immigrant status under Visa Tier 1, vide VAF No. 511702. The family had laundered an unknown amount of money and brought that into the United Kingdom via United Arab Emirates and few more countries, while Shahid Uddin Khan had invested over 18 million pounds for buying citizenship under Britain’s scandalous ‘Golden Visa’ scheme.

On May 25, 2019, British newspaper The Sunday Times, in an exclusive report, revealed that Md Shahid Uddin Khan has been charged with funding terror groups, arms dealing and money laundering offenses in Bangladesh. According to the British newspaper, the sacked army officer has political links in Britain and had funded Stephen Hammonds, a Tory Party MP.

Sources told IANS that the sacked Bangladeshi Colonel Md. Shahid Uddin Khan migrated to London in 2009 skipping legal actions along with his wife Farjana Anjum and daughters named Shehtaz Munasi Khan, Parisa Pinaz Khan and Zumana Fiza Khan. Members of this family are having business operations in Dubai as well as in Britain. As per the latest dossier on the Dawood Ibrahim gang, the D company is involved in smuggling counterfeit Indian Currency Notes (FICN) and contraband narcotics. The illegal activities are being operated from Nepal and Bangladesh.

It is a matter of surprise as to how an INTERPOL wanted convicted criminal succeeded in holding “meetings” with UK’s junior minister Victoria Marie Atkins and other leaders of the Torey Party.

Seeking anonymity, a source told this correspondent that terror-funder Shahid Uddin Khan has been regularly bribing several politicians, especially those from the Torey Party with the vicious agenda of using their influences in accomplishing his notorious agenda of establishing an Islamist government in Bangladesh.

Members of the British media need to investigate Shahid Uddin Khan’s claim of holding meetings with Victoria Marie Atkins, Stephen William Hammond and other leaders of the Torey Party. For the sake of upholding rule of law, British authorities should immediately deport Shahid Uddin Khan to Bangladesh.



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