Saudi Crown wants to mediate between Russia and Ukraine


Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman wants to mediate peace between Russia and Ukraine stating, the Kingdom supports efforts that leads to a political solution to the crisis.

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said on Thursday that the Kingdom was ready to exert all efforts to mediate between parties in the Ukrainian conflict.

Speaking during a phone call with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Prince Mohammed “clarified the Kingdom’s stated position” and said it supports efforts that leads to a political solution to end the crisis and achieves security and stability, Saudi Press Agency reported.

“With regard to the impact of the Ukraine crisis on energy markets, he reiterated the Kingdom’s keenness to maintain the oil market’s balance and stability,” the statement said.

Prince Mohammed also stressed the role of the OPEC+ agreement in this and the importance of maintaining it.

The two sides also discussed relations between their two countries and ways of enhancing them in various fields.

The crown prince also spoke to President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine and during their phone call affirmed the Kingdom’s support for everything that contributes to de-escalating the crisis and its readiness to mediate, and Saudi Arabia’s support for all international efforts aimed at resolving the crisis politically.

He said that, out of humanitarian considerations, they will extend the visas of Ukrainian visitors, tourists and residents in the Kingdom, which are set to expire, for three months, adding the Saudi government is keen on their comfort and safety.


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