Mohammed never set foot on the Rock in Jerusalem


Other Islamic scholars note, to the embarrassment of modern Islam and the Palestinians that Mohammed never set foot on the Rock in Jerusalem.

According to the Night Journey (Sura 17.1) the prophet Mohammed ascended to Heaven supposedly from the Sacred Mosque (Mecca) to The Furthest Mosque. Lies and years of successfully promoting a false narrative have created fact from fiction. The Furthest Mosque is now supposedly the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. This is historically, physically, academically and factually impossible. Only fiction, false narrative and fake news has allowed this lie to morph into truth. The historic timeline is that the physical or spiritual ascendency was circa 621 AD and Mohammed died in 632 CE.

However, the Al Aqsa Mosque was built between 705 and 715 CE. Therefore, whatever Mosque the alleged Night Journey assumed was the Furthest Mosque it was certainly not the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem for that Mosque did not exist during the prophet’s lifetime.

The “Furthest Mosque” was never identified with a Mosque in Jerusalem by Muslims – it was associated with Arabia either Medina or Ji’rana near Mecca and visited by Mohammed circa 630 AD.

Further proof of the lie that Jerusalem is of importance from a religious perspective to Palestinians is the absence of the ura 17.1, the story of the Night Journey, from the 240-meter mosaic frieze inside the Dome of the Rock. It does not appear. This proves beyond doubt that the Night Journey had not even been thought of or even tenuously linked to Jerusalem during the original Quranic scripture .

Other Islamic scholars note, to the embarrassment of modern Islam and the Palestinians that Mohammed never set foot on the Rock in Jerusalem.

Mohammed ibn al-Hanafiya (638 – 700) a close relative of the prophet was scathing in his statement that only Abraham and not Mohammed was responsible for this sacred act.

In 715, the Umayyads (Syrians), in order to increase their following and link the event to Jerusalem, built a mosque on the Temple Mount and called it the Furthest Mosque (al-masjid-al-aqsa, Al Aqsa Mosque) and this was the beginning of the fake news.

  1. Jerusalem was NEVER an Arab capital even during Islamic control over the City. Indeed, there are numerous accounts from both local and itinerant scholars, scribes, writers and biographers from the 7th to the 19th century (Bishop Arculf, Thomas Shaw, Count Constantine Volney, Flaubert, Melville, Thackeray, Twain and others) describing the dilapidated condition of Jerusalem under Islamic control.  The photographic evidence of Leo Kahn and Dwight Elmendorf in the early 20th century provide further evidence of the demise of Jerusalem supposedly Muslim’s third holiest city when under Islamic occupation. Historically Islam allowed Jerusalem to deteriorate during every period when it was the controlling religion over the city.
  1. Jerusalem was NEVER mentioned nor once referred to in the PLO Charter of 1964. Let me repeat. When the Palestinians wrote their original Charter in 1964 there was no mention of nor claim to the city they now promote as being theirs by right since time immemorial from a religious perspective. This is proof beyond doubt that the Palestinian claim to Jerusalem is probably the greatest political lie of any era.  How and why is it so important to Palestinians now?
  1. The Arab word for Jerusalem is ‘Al Quds’ which is an abbreviation of ‘Bayt al MAQDES’ translated means The Holy House. Both of these descriptions are a direct bastardised pronunciation of the original and still current Hebrew ‘Beyt ha – MIKDASH’ – translated meaning The Holy Temple. But Islam has nevr had a Temple, only the Jews had one. Thus, the Arabic name for Jerusalem has no connection to Mohammed’s heavenly ascendency but refers to the Jewish Temple.
  1. Under Jordanian OCCUPATION (capitals intended) between 1948 and 1967 not one Arab Head of State visited Jerusalem. Indeed, so religiously unimportant was Jerusalem that Friday prayers stopped being broadcast from the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem and transferred to a Mosque in Amman.
  1. When Jerusalem was occupied by the Hashemite Jordanians, they made a concerted effort to reduce the importance of Jerusalem both religiously and administratively. All Government Offices except for the Ministry of Tourism were closed and relocated to Amman. These included the Arab High Commission, the Supreme Muslim Council, the Treasury of the Waqf and the Religious Endowment bureaus.
  1. Even during Islamic Arab control Jerusalem was never a city of religious or administrative importance and was NEVER made a Capital.
  1. Jerusalem was made holy by the Jewish King David and has never been the capital of any other nation other than the nation of Judaism. It was historically the capital of Judah for over 1000 years, 2500 years before Islam was invented.
  1. There are many instances of Palestinians destroying property and goods within the Holy Temple – defiling carpets, furniture, books and artefacts in the Temple Mount. Irrespective of the religion of any individual, all places of worship are treated with respect but recent history verifies that the Palestinians have ignored this fundamental, basic, moral rule for places of worship within Jerusalem.
  1. Denigrating and disproving Palestinian religious claims to Jerusalem is quite simple as there are numerous Suras in the Koran identifying that the land of Israel was given by Allah to the Jews – 5.20 /21 and 17:100 – 104 and 59.2 are just three of many.  Others examples are 2.40 /2. 47/ 2. 63 / 2.65 /2. 83 / 2.87 /2.122 / 7.137/ 7138 /10.93/ 17.20 / 20.80/ 40.53/ 44.32/ and 45.16.

Those Muslims claiming Jerusalem to be the historic capital of the Palestinians are actually in contempt of the Koran. Such contempt paradoxically is somewhat Islamophobic is it not? And those supporting the Palestinian claims and cause are therefore Islamophobic too, surely?  Where is my logic flawed on this? Let us quote directly from some Suras to validate my claims that support for the Palestinian ”cause” is undoubtedly mocking Allah and Mohammed.

Sura 2.47    Al Baqara – “O Children of Israel, call to mind the special favour which I , Allah bestowed upon You and that I preferred You above the whole world”

Sura 5;21-23  Al Maida – “O my People Children of Israel,  enter the Holy Land  (al – Ard aL – Muqadissa) which God has assigned to you  and  never turn back”.

Sura 17;104 Al Israa – “We, Allah said thereafter to the Children of Israel Dwell securely in the Land of Israel”.

Dear readers, Blitz is neither an Israeli State nor Jewish owned or sponsored publication. It is an independent journal which has been publishing the truth under extreme adversities since 2003 – Peter Baum

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