Crown Entertainment steps into 3rd year


Crown Entertainment, leading production house and content provider in Bangladesh steps into 3rd year today. Established on January 1, 2020 with a team of seasoned industry insiders, Crown Entertainment has so far successfully produced over 500 television dramas and serials. The company also has its own camera unit, editing unit and sophisticated digital dubbing and sound studio. From 2022, in addition to producing contents for television and YouTube channels, Crown Entertainment and its affiliate companies, Crown Creations, Crown Digital Lab, Crown Music and Crown Creations will be also producing contents for international OTT platforms as well as foreign television channels.

Commenting on the success story of Crown, its Chairman and CEO Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury said, “We faced serious challenge posed by COVID just within weeks of launching the company. This disastrous pandemic has forced a large number of production companies in Bangladesh in suspending activities. But we did not stop. Instead, we continued our activities including shooting of dramas and serials by strictly maintaining health and hygiene. As a result, thousands of people in Bangladesh’s entertainment industry did not suffer even during the challenging COVID period”.

He said, “With the advancement of technology, gradually people are switching from television to YouTube channels and OTT platforms. I think, within the next 5-7 years, majority of the audience will switch to YouTube channels and OTT platforms. Bangla being the seventh-largest language in the world is extremely important to various international OTT platforms, as the size of prospective audience is over 100 million by now. Considering this size of Bangla-speaking audience, most of the international OTT platforms will put special emphasis on this market. Already Indian OTT platforms HoiChoi and Zee5 are in Bangladesh and regularly releasing Bangla contents from this country. To my knowledge, Amazon, Netflix and few other international OTT platforms also are eyeing into this market. Hopefully by this year, audience in Bangladesh will see large number of Bangla contents on Amazon, Netflix and many other international and Indian OTT platforms”.

Tajul Islam, Deputy CEO of Crown Entertainment said, “We are grateful to the audience, sponsors, television and YouTube channels for being with us during the past two years and hope this will continue and even strengthen in the coming days. Crown expresses gratitude especially to the audience of Bangla contents in Bangladesh, India and the world”.

Syed Iqbal, COO of Crown Creations said, “This is a special moment for the members of Crown Family to celebrate our challenging second year in the industry and stepping into the third year. We believe, we shall be able to expand our activities during 2022, reaching much larger number of audiences around the world”.


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